Brilliant Stefan Molyneux video on Israel/Palestine

Philosopher Stefan Molyneux is fully in the know vis-a-vis Zionist power, although you wouldn’t know it from watching most of his videos which rarely touch on the issue.

But in this hard-hitting new video, Molyneux dissects the history of the creation of Israel, elucidating the criminal, barbarous nature of that state and its founders.

He also delves into the history of WWI and WWII and International Zionism’s duplicitous role in fomenting, at least partially, those two disastrous wars to expedite their Zionist geopolitical aims.

Molyneux talks somewhat about the totalitarian structure of Jewish societies in Europe throughout the ages, and how Jewish fundamentalism is still alive and well in Israel today, producing the monstrous realities we are witnessing at the present time.

Overall, the video is a fine and educative introduction to the Israel/Palestine question and the ramifications if we ignore this critical issue.

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