Canadian lawyer on Gaza UN committee shows Israel-first considerations

Press TV recently reported:

A Canadian international lawyer says the war crimes committed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against Gaza civilians are posing “the greatest threat to Israel’s survival.”

The Sunday remarks by William Schabas come days after he was elected to head the UN Human Rights Council commission investigating Israel’s war on the besieged Gaza Strip.

While Schabas’s comments are being praised by some in the pro-Palestinian community, in reality they indicate an Israel-first mentality. The lawyer is evidently more concerned with Israel’s “survival” than he is with the survival of the Palestinians as a people and a nation.

Benjamin Netanyahu is, first and foremost, the greatest threat to Palestinian survival, yet Schabas does not even mention the Palestinians in his remarks. He is simply decrying the fact that Netanyahu is being too reckless in his approach and could thereby endanger the Jewish state’s position as a regional hegemon in the long run.

Netanyahu’s latest massacre in Gaza has caused international outrage, which will embolden Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions activists worldwide to step up their efforts against the apartheid, warmongering state.

That is the true concern for William Schabas and other Israel-first tribalists who have been set in place to police the discourse against Israel’s atrocities.

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