George Galloway hospitalized in Zionist attack


Non-Aligned Media
Aug. 31, 2014

According to recent reports, British MP George Galloway was attacked and beaten up on the street by a Zionist thug shouting about the holocaust.

As my colleague Joshua Blakeney observed, the incident illustrates the troubled and delusory mindset of Zionists who have never developed a cultural tolerance for conflicting viewpoints.

Unbeknownst to his Zionist attacker, Galloway, despite his anti-Israel stance, has been a staunch proponent of the memorialization of the “holocaust.” On his radio show Galloway even advocated jailing historians like David Irving for questioning certain aspects of the victor’s narrative concerning that event. Lock Irving up and “throw away the key,” said Galloway with deranged vigour.

“I support a law which would make denying the holocaust a crime. The holocaust is one of the greatest crimes of the 20th century if not in all of human history,” Galloway told another caller on his radio show.

This is all very ironic and hypocritical coming from Galloway, a man who idolizes communist despots such as Mao Zedong, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky and Fidel Castro. The blood spilled by these political predators is apparently not as valuable as the lives, real and imagined, taken by Hitler’s government.

As a Marxist, Galloway adheres to various myths that propel Jewish victimhood status. Knowing the disproportionate role played by Jews in Communism and its crimes, Galloway apparently denies these atrocities and seeks to cover up Jewish responsibility for them, which makes his advocacy for jailing holocaust revisionists all the more repugnant.

The reason Galloway is allowed to act as an MP in the British parliament, to head his own political party and consistently get air-time on mainstream television is because he goes along with a good amount of Zionist mythology. By maintaining that the victor’s version of WW2 is correct and need not be questioned, the Zionists feel comfortable having him lead the opposition against their atrocities in Palestine. They know he won’t rock the boat on a variety of other agendas that they are pursuing, such as their project to render Europe unrecognizable through mass immigration.

Galloway’s hero Vladimir Lenin once said, “to control the opposition you must lead it yourself.”

Maybe Galloway’s stay in a hospital due to the injuries inflicted by a Zionist maniac shouting about the holocaust will awaken him to the error of his ways.

Maybe he will come to realize the necessity of historical revisionism in the fight against Israel, but I won’t be holding my breath.

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