CBC job posting: ‘Whites need not apply’

CBC logo

The Huffington Post reported that a job posting for a CBC hosting gig that appeared on the website for Larissa Mair Casting & Associates and on Craigslist contained the sentence: “Any race [may apply] except Caucasian.”

The CBC is looking for a male host aged 23-35 for a kids program, but apparently prefers a non-white person to fill the position.

Sounds like reverse apartheid to me.

This flies in the face of the Marxist meme which suggests that white males are the dominant group in all Western societies.

Obviously this anti-caucasian-male CBC ad is just one example among many demonstrating that white males are actually discriminated against in various ways.

On the latest Non-Aligned Media podcast, Canadian free speech activist and immigration reformist Paul Fromm told me that the “diversity” slogan bandied around so often by Canadian government ministers is a codeword for “white replacement and ultimately white genocide.”

Is he right?

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