NAM Podcast Episode #1

Author and radio host Deanna Spingola.

On this very first edition of the Non-Aligned Media podcast, host Brandon Martinez is joined by Deanna Spingola, the author of “The Ruling Elite” trilogy of history books. Deanna has fearlessly tackled the controversial and taboo subjects in her writings and radio broadcasts for years, upsetting those in power with her hard-hitting analysis of corruption and deception in politics.

On the show Deanna and Brandon discuss the art of writing history (how mainstream historians are nothing more than glorified stenographers who jot down what the winners want people to believe); myths and distortions surrounding World War II including the “who was responsible” question; Jewish exceptionalism; Zionist influence and corruption throughout history; American imperialism; the Cultural Marxist drive to subvert and break down Western societies; and other important issues.


NAM grants permission to anyone who wishes to upload this broadcast to YouTube or other video sharing websites.

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