NAM Podcast Episode #3


On this explosive episode #3 of the Non-Aligned Media podcast, host Brandon Martinez is joined by Christopher Bollyn, an American investigative journalist and author of the “Solving 9/11″ book series.

Bollyn is an expert on Middle East affairs, Zionism and American foreign policy, dedicating much of his time to unraveling the mysteries surrounding 9/11 and the central role of Israel’s intelligence services in orchestrating the attacks.

In his ground-breaking book, Solving 9/11: The Deception That Changed the World, Bollyn connects the dots between various Israeli political, intelligence and military kingpins as well as prominent Zionists operating within the highest circles of power in the US government and financial world, who Bollyn claims were involved in fomenting and ultimately executing the 9/11 attacks as a false-flag deception to drive the US into endless wars against Israel’s Middle East adversaries.

Bollyn has fearlessly pursued the truth about 9/11 at great cost to himself and his family, having had to flee his native country of the USA in 2005 due to persecution from state authorities.


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