NAM Podcast Episode #4

Heroic Canadian anti-Zionist activist Arthur Topham.

On this episode of the Non-Aligned Media podcast, host Brandon Martinez is joined by Canadian patriot and dissident publisher Arthur Topham.

For decades Arthur has been publishing critical commentaries on geopolitics and history with a particular focus on the destructive impact of Zionism on Canada and the world. Due to his anti-Zionist views, Topham has run afoul of Canada’s self-appointed thought police who have relentlessly harassed and pursued him for the ill-defined and erroneous crime of “hate.”

In 2007, Zionist agitators attempted to shut down Arthur’s website, Radical Press, using the Stalinist “Section 13″ internet censorship provision that even disallowed truth as a defence, which Mr. Topham likens to Stalin’s infamous show trials in the Soviet Union.

When the Federal government repealed Section 13 in 2013, the tyrannical censors initiated a second assault upon Arthur’s freedom of speech and inquiry, this time with a “hate crime” charge under Canada’s criminal code.

Despite tremendous adversity and persecution, Topham has continued to publish his dissident views on his website in a heroic effort to awaken the Canadian people to the threat of Zionism.

Please sign the Ontario Civil Liberties Association’s petition calling for the BC Attorney General to drop the charges against Arthur. CLICK HERE


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