Philippe Rushton on IQ Differences Between Men and Women

Philippe Rushton
J. Philippe Rushton (December 3, 1943 – October 2, 2012)


By Joshua Blakeney
Non-Aligned Media
September 3, 2014

In their war against Europeans, Persians, Christians, Muslims, Japanese, Palestinians and other targeted out-groups Cultural Marxists have attempted to pit women against men by popularizing the notion that economic and social disparities between the sexes are solely attributable to socially-constructed patriarchal structures of dominance. The claim is made that certain men consciously and subconsciously worked in unison to keep a proportionate number of women out of certain realms of society, a phenomenon which was deemed to be wholly unnatural and unjust.

patriarchal-familiesSuch neo-Marxists, and their non-Marxian Feminist co-travellers, successfully assimilated into academe the idea that economic and social inequality between men and women constituted an environmentally-determined wrong which desperately needed to be righted. Especially since the (Zionist-sponsored) societal convulsions of 1968 a large amount of time and effort has been expended by academicians on campuses throughout the world grappling with how to overcome these allegedly abnormal gender inequalities.

The late Philippe Rushton and his colleagues, however, disputed the assumptions of the opponents of patriarchy and demonstrated that men in fact have a higher average IQ than women which, they argued, explained many of the disparities complained of. Evolutionist scholars like Rushton believe that nature dictates some of the social inequalities sociologists have (often lazily) attributed to environmental determinants.

Based on the truism that people with high IQs will be more likely to occupy positions of dominance in the higher echelons of society, Rushton et al inferred that it was the fact that there are more men with high IQs relative to women that led to their enhanced status in nearly all societies. Rushton and his colleagues accused Cultural Marxism of attempting to alter human nature in pursuit of an un-empiricle ideological agenda.

Of course if you were a hostile elite group attempting to destabilize and disprivilege a stable competitor group, a good place to start would be with the promotion of ultra-liberal abortion laws (thus minimizing monogamous relationships by allowing for increased promiscuity), divorce-on-demand, man-hatred and non-traditional familial relationships in order to undermine the stable patriarchal family which has glued societies together since time immemorial.

The calculated destruction of the patriarchal family—which has been spearheaded by agenda-driven ideologues rather than dispassionate scientists—ought to be studied closely. If we are to reestablish our natural way of life, reviving the patriarchal family is a necessary prerequisite.

WATCH PROFESSOR RUSHTON SPEAK ABOUT IQ DIFFERENCES BETWEEN MEN & WOMEN here and here (embedding was disabled for these YouTube videos) 

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