Gilad Atzmon On The Jewish Cognitive Elite

In this thought-provoking presentation Gilad Atzmon adeptly assimilates the data on the relationship between IQ and Race into his already impressive analysis of Jews and Jewishness. I have myself been looking into this subject recently, mainly through the studies of Philippe Rushton and Kevin MacDonald. Their work challenges the Leftist assumption that Race is entirely a social construct. Gilad explains how the existence of inherited differences between descent groups ought to inform our understanding of the behaviour of certain Jews. atzmon

He draws attention to the breeding strategies employed by Jews to enhance the quality of their cognitive elite over the centuries. He argues that the Jewish cognitive elite developed certain unique characteristics, relative to non-elite Jews, which facilitated the disproportionate representation of Jews among the ruling classes of Western nations.

The world-renowned saxophonist situates the scientific research on Race and Intelligence within his philosophical critique of the Jewish Left. He illuminates the impact biologically determined characteristics have on socio-political systems of thought and explains how this is relevant to the epochal decline of Western Civilization.

This video is a must-watch in my humble opinion.


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