Joshua Blakeney: “Anti-Muslim Sentiment A Product of Decades of Zionist Propaganda”

Despite technical difficulties at the outset of the interview, I was able to provide the above analysis of the increase in reported anti-Muslim incidents in the wake of the conspicuous “Ottawa Shooting” of last week.

I drew attention to the fact that the Zionists have since the 1970s been proposing an international war upon something called “international Islamic terrorism” and that anti-Islamic sentiment in the West is largely the product of propaganda whose purpose is to facilitate that Zionist-concocted scheme which some have dubbed a “100 Years War on Islam”.

blakeneyPressTVOct2014Even though in Canada one is more likely to die from lightening or in the bath tub than from terrorism statistically, many Canadians have been persuaded to fear Muslims as a result of such Zionist propaganda.

John McMurtry’s newly published¬†critique of the official story of last week’s happenings was cited in the interview. As I noted “he is not a member of WeAreChange he is a member of the Royal Society of Canada“.



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