Joshua Blakeney: “Ottawa Incident Will Be Used to Throw Critics of Israel in Jail”


I appeared on Press TV twice on October 23, 2014. In the interviews I attempted to contextualize the two alleged “terrorist” incidents which arose this week in the once-peaceful second largest country on earth. I pointed out the incredible, almost unbelievable, coincidence of what the authorities have suggested was an “ISIS-inspired” militant deciding to attack soldiers in and around Canada’s parliament just weeks after Canada’s ruling neoconservatives announced their intention to bomb Iraq in an ostensible war against ISIS. That Canadians are statistically more likely to die from lightening or in the bath tub than from terrorism remains true but now the proponents of Canadian involvement in war against ISIS have something concrete to offer as a justification.

The two incidents this week also provided justifications for draconian “anti-terrorism” laws and Orwellian “anti-radicalization” programs domestically. Just as Canada’s authorities were claiming they were desperately in need of extended police powers to monitor so called “terrorists” an alleged French Canadian “Muslim convert” and an alleged “follower of ISIS” decided to let loose on the nearest Canadian squaddies. All this of course is just coincidental.

One hypothesis which shouldn’t be ruled out is the following: Israel’s puppet regime in Ottawa wants to use Canadian tax dollars and the country’s military to help Israel implement the Oded Yinon plan in the Middle East. Ordinary Canadians are waking up to the fact that it is not in Canada’s national interest to be expending her blood and treasure to destroy countries like Iraq and Syria on behalf of Israel. Hence a series of emotive “incidents” were enabled by pro-Zionist actors to a) evoke jingoism among a sufficient number of Canadians so as to make Canadian involvement in the further destruction of Iraq and Syria more tenable and b) enable Orwellian “anti-radicalization” policies to be implemented so the most accurate analysts of Canadian foreign policy can be criminalized for “preaching radicalism” and “proselytizing for terrorism” 

Not EVERY terrorist incident is a false-flag operation. It is possible the events this week were entirely a surprise to everyone in Canada, including the Zionists, MPs, the RCMP and CSIS. I do think however that the extraordinary coincidence of these events arising as the Harper government is foisting controversial and unpopular policies upon the Canadian people obliges genuine intellectuals to display acute skepticism toward the official explanations of these incidents.

As Brandon Martinez has observed, one ex-CSIS advisor has already called for enhanced thought-crime laws in response to these happenings. In all likelihood we can expect that those who expose Israel’s regional and global schemes in the future will be criminalized under the guise of reducing radicalism. Canada’s government can meanwhile continue to defend the “moderate” policy of supporting Israel slaughtering Palestinians wantonly as happened during the recent Gaza massacre. Those who dissent will be the “radicals” in need of state-intervention. Welcome to 1984.

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