Judeo-American imperium manipulates Canada into farcical ISIS quagmire


On October 7 the Canadian parliament, effectively operating under the Stalinist dictatorship of Stephen Harper’s Neoconservative Party, voted to join the farcical US-led anti-ISIS campaign in Iraq and Syria.

“Six CF-18 fighter-bombers, two CP-140 surveillance planes, one aerial tanker aircraft and 600 personnel are expected to join coalition airstrikes in Iraq for up to six months,” reported CTV News.

This should come as no surprise to any astute observer of Canadian foreign policy. Canada, particularly under the leadership of the belligerent Harper neo-cons, has acquiesced time and time again to American pressure vis-a-vis foreign policy. Like a blind mule, Canada has been led by the nose into nearly all of America’s militarist incursions in the Middle East and everywhere else the US imperium decides to plant its seed of destruction. Canadian troops, like their American and European counterparts, are essentially globalist cannon fodder, shipped halfway across the planet to fight unwinnable wars against bogus enemies manufactured in the propaganda caverns of the Pentagon.

In the wake of the Harper regime’s decision to prostitute this country for yet another morally bankrupt American intervention in the Middle East, Canada’s foreign and domestic intelligence services, CSIS and RCMP, are now hyping a dubious “homegrown” ISIS terror threat. The specter of an ISIS attack on Canadian soil at this conspicuous time is most certainly a political stunt conceived by Harper’s foreign policy team to justify in the minds of the woefully deceived public that joining the ridiculous anti-ISIS charade in Iraq and Syria is the right thing to do.

Under mounting pressure, CSIS chief Michael Coulombe conceded that his agency has no real evidence that there is any formidable threat of an ISIS attack in Canada. QMI Agency reported: “The head of Canada’s spy agency said there are no signs of an imminent terrorist attack against the country, but authorities are monitoring 80 suspected Canadian terrorists who have returned home from violent hot spots around the world.”

This didn’t stop the Jewish-Zionist propaganda organ Sun News from erroneously reporting that “Canadian authorities uncovered ISIS-inspired public attack plot,” citing a sensationalist NBC News article which quoted “anonymous intelligence officials.” Sun News aired a televised segment promoting the latest terror-scare propaganda. The guest on the show was none other than Jonathan Halevi, a retired Israel Defense Force lieutenant colonel and senior researcher at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. As is to be expected from an Israeli agent, Halevi urged Canadians to take the ISIS terror scare seriously, going on to spew textbook Likudnik talking points about the ‘war on terror,’ a geopolitical hoax crafted by Benjamin Netanyahu and his gang of Zionist demagogues in the 1980s.

Unbeknownst to most Americans and Canadians who get all of their information from the lamestream media, ISIS is not only not a ‘threat’ in any capacity to the US or Canada, it is a wholly fabricated mercenary army, trained and deployed by the CIA and Mossad to cause problems for countries that aren’t compliant with the Judeo-American empire. Hence, the so-called Jihadists of ISIS only ever attack countries whose governments haven’t fallen completely under the thumb of Tel Aviv and Washington (i.e., Libya, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon etc.) Washington’s and by extension Tel Aviv’s puppets in the region (Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Qatar, Kuwait etc.) have miraculously evaded any semblance of an ISIS incursion, despite the group’s alleged desire to establish an “Islamic Caliphate” that would encompass at least some of the territory of those nations.

Dr. Kerry Bolton, author of Revolution From Above and Babel Inc., put it succinctly in a recent interview with Non-Aligned Media:

Jihadists are being used dialectically by Israel and the USA to create chaos in target regimes such as Syria, which were years ago marked for destruction by the Project for a New American Century. Jihadism is a creation of the CIA and Mossad, and is used as justification either for the US to directly intervene in a target state, or as a proxy militia against a target state. The KLA was classed as a terrorist organization by the State Department until used against Milosevic. What became al Qaeda was created by the CIA to fight the USSR in Afghanistan. And as we know today, Jihadists were used in Libya and currently in Syria. Where did the Islamic State organization suddenly pop up from, well armed, trained and taking vast areas of Iraq in quick order? Are we expected to believe that the CIA, NSA and Mossad did not know the Islamic State organization existed until it suddenly marched through Iraq?

So what is this cynical anti-ISIS farce really all about? Removing Assad from power in Syria. “On 60 Minutes, President Obama flatly stated the US plan for Syria leaves no room for President Assad, the democratically-elected leader of the country,” writes Justin King of The Anti-Media. ISIS, America’s Frankenstein monster, is being used as a convenient pretext in a back-door-to-war agenda that ultimately aims to oust Assad and install Washington’s preferred puppets. Obama has made it clear time and again that Assad can play no part in a US-imposed political and economic order in Syria once the chaos of the CIA/Mossad-sponsored insurgency dies down. This despite the fact Syrians overwhelmingly voted the Arab nationalist leader back into office in national elections held in June 2014.

President Obama has no right to decide the fate of Syria; nor does any non-Syrian for that matter. During his election campaign in 2008, much was made of the fact that Obama could not even produce a proper birth certificate proving he is a natural-born US citizen. He was most likely born in Kenya, and is therefore an illegitimate president who didn’t even meet the most basic qualification to run for office! Yet, bizarrely, this fraud and charlatan of a man contends he is fit to decide who should lead a foreign country? Evidently the hubris of America’s degenerate ruling class knows no bounds or limits.

Canada’s role as a subservient cat’s-paw of Pax Judaica (the Judeo-American imperial order) is all too clear. America too, in its endless bloodletting in the Middle East since the false-flag attacks of 9/11, is being used as nothing more than a vehicle for a globalist agenda that ultimately seeks the demise of ordinary Americans, especially those nationalist-minded citizens who have a long tradition of virtuous isolationism that is so very needed at this critical time in world history.

It is about time people woke up from their slumber before the hyenas of high finance manipulate us all into another Orwellian nightmare.

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