NAM Podcast Episode #5

Historian and author Veronica Clark.

On this episode of the Non-Aligned Media podcast, host Brandon Martinez is joined by historian and author Veronica Clark.

A veritable expert on Germany’s internal and foreign policies during the period of 1933 to 1945, Veronica has authored 12 books on the subject. She is best known for her book Black Nazis! which details the diverse ethnicities that fought with Germany during the Second World War. Her more recent book The Union Jackal: England’s Bloody Path to Empire and Downfall delves into the duplicity of Britain and its long-standing alliance with and subservience to Zionist interests.

On this explosive episode Clark and I discussed some of the little known and suppressed aspects of World War II historiography, including the diversity of Nazi Germany’s armed forces, the geopolitics surrounding the German-Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939, and the realities of Nazi-Zionist collusion.

We cut through the spin emanating from Hollywood, the mass media and academia who seek to scapegoat Hitler for all of the ills of that period, thereby whitewashing the depravity and obscene misconduct of the Allied Powers during and after the war. But we also challenged some of the fanciful myths about Hitler’s benevolence peddled by some of the more zealous Hitler enthusiasts.

We delineated the Zionist motivations and manipulation behind WW2 itself and the broader agenda to use Hitler’s opposition to Jews to drive them en masse to Palestine to fulfill the long-held Zionist plan to establish a Jewish state in the heart of the Middle East.

Veronica stressed that she aims to find a middle ground when discussing such a hotly contested and politicized area of inquiry that attracts zealots on both sides of the issue.


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