Zionist Attorney-General Refuses to Answer Questions About “Anti-Terrorism” Laws

Recently Israel’s department for her colonies of Australia and Canada dispatched new “anti-terror” legislation which will make it illegal for Australian and Canadian subjects of the Israeli Empire to “condone” so called “terrorism”. In the above video Australia’s Zionist Attorney-General, George Brandis, can be viewed enabling such farcical anti-free-speech laws to be foisted upon the people of Australia without oversight, by refusing to answer critical questions from senators about the controversial legislation. SMHslide

That Canada and Australia are governed out of the same colonial office in Tel Aviv was suggested when it was revealed that Prime Ministers John Howard and Stephen Harper had been given the same pro-Iraq-war script to read in 2003 (see below).

As professors Stephen Walt, John Mearsheimer, James Petras, Stephen Sneigoski, Kevin Barrett, James Fetzer and many others have demonstrated, the Iraq war was a war for Israel which jeopardized the national interests of countries like Canada, Britain, US and Australia.

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