Joshua Blakeney: “Reaction to Edmonton Shooting Exposes the Ottawa False-Flag”

I appeared on Press TV on December 30, 2014 to reflect upon the mindless shooting of that day in Edmonton, Alberta. A non-Muslim man killed eight people, including two children, in the massacre which was the worst of its kind in the city’s history. I used the opportunity to draw attention to the chasm which existed between the reaction to that shooting and the reaction to the dubious Ottawa shooting of October 22, 2014.

In the case of the latter, the killing of one man by an alleged “newly-converted, Muslim lone gunman” induced a fanatical response from the State and Media. In the case of the former, cooler heads have prevailed and no such radical response has been witnessed. I inferred that the wide-ranging legislative and policy changes foisted upon Canadians in the immediate aftermath of the Ottawa shooting indicated prior-preparation for that attack on the part of those agents of the emerging police state who stood to benefit from such an incident. joshme

In addition, I suggested that the destabilization of the family, the promotion of drug addiction and alcohol consumption and other forms of societal degeneracy may have spawned the Edmonton shooting, which may have involved some kind of family dispute.


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