Senate torture report reveals American sadism


Senate torture report reveals American sadism 

By Brandon Martinez

A new Senate report on the CIA’s extensive use of torture to extract information from Muslim patsies in Guantanamo Bay and sundry other agency ‘black sites’ reveals Washington’s sheer sadism.

Russia Today’s summary of the damning Senate investigation highlights the CIA’s systemic use of torturous brutality on prisoners held in agency-run jails across the globe.

The Senate’s report acknowledges that the CIA caused an Afghan man, Gul Rahman, to essentially freeze to death in a prison cell at one of their torture centers north of Kabul. RT writes that, “Sometime that November [in 2001], a low-level CIA officer at COBALT ordered that Rahman be stripped naked, except for a sweatshirt, and ‘shackled to the wall of his cell in a position that required the detainee to rest on the bare concrete floor,’ according to the Senate committee.”

A particularly cringe-worthy revelation is that the CIA practiced “rectal feeding” where prisoners on hunger strikes were force-fed through their rectum in order to keep them alive. The RT commentary cited above writes that, “At least five CIA detainees were subjected to ‘rectal rehydration,’ or rectal feeding, the Senate report reads, in order to keep prisoners alive who allegedly otherwise refused to eat.”

The CIA also played upon prisoners’ fears to induce them to talk. According to the Senate report, a Saudi man named Abu Zubaydah who had severe entomophobia was put into a confinement box, which was then filled with insects. “In order to try and break them down during interrogations,” the RT summary further explained, CIA officers would threaten to harm prisoners’ family members, often telling them rape and death is what awaited their loved ones if they didn’t start talking. Sleep deprivation was a common tactic as well as prolonged standing, water boarding, ice water baths, suspending prisoners from the wall or ceiling by their limbs, and other inhumane methods.

Despite repeated and incessant violations, CIA officers who participated in the torture program were never reprimanded or punished by the agency, revealing that agency higher-ups were not only negligent but also complicit on every level. “There was no accountability,” the Senate report conceded.

In a display of demented hubris, former President George W. Bush defended the CIA torturers outed in the report, describing them as “patriots.” Former Vice President Dick Cheney, whose unbridled malevolence rivals that of Josef Stalin, damned the new report as “full of crap” and said that the CIA’s torture program was “perfectly justified.” “I’d do it again in a minute,” he told CNN.

None of this should come as a shock. The United States government has been practicing torture for decades, long before Bush assumed the role of commander-in-chief in 2001. What should be made clear is that the CIA’s use of torture is not some incompetent way of gathering information from ‘terror suspects,’ as some apologists would have us believe, but rather a tried and tested method of coercing unfortunate captives of the US regime to “confess” to crimes they didn’t commit. Essentially, the technique is utilized to elicit false confessions from hapless Muslims whom the Americans seek to frame for “terrorism” offenses, which, in the eyes of the deceived public, legitimizes the farcical “war on terror.”

When discussing the CIA’s abuse of detainees, news agencies and pundits customarily fail to point out the sheer duplicity of the whole affair. It doesn’t dawn on journalists that the ‘terror suspects’ or ‘enemy combatants’ being accused, held and ultimately tortured by Washington are in fact the victims of American aggression? Guantanamo Bay’s prison population is comprised of (at worst) insurgents who were at one time fighting against US occupying forces in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, which certainly doesn’t fit the dictionary definition of ‘terrorism.’ Contrast this with US actions in the region, which cannot be described as anything less than state-sponsored slaughter. How can one not help but laugh when the US government points its finger at others and accuses them of terrorism or crimes associated with war?

The US acting as the world’s policeman out to bring ‘terrorists’ to justice is akin to Al Capone admonishing a chocolate bar thief. How can America – the biggest terrorist state and war criminal nation in modern times as well as practitioner of mass murder and torture on a scale that rivals Stalin’s gory excesses – hypocritically wag its blood-soaked finger at, in many if not most instances, people who have committed no crime at all? Of the hundreds of men taken to Guantanamo Bay and other US-run prison camps since 2001, many dozens have never been formally charged, assuming one accepts the legitimacy of a terrorist regime like the US acting as judge, jury and executioner of people they cynically deem to be ‘terrorists.’

The truth is that those individuals held in US military and CIA-run jails are not being punished for committing or potentially committing ‘terrorism’ – they are being penalized simply for not acting in a manner conducive to US foreign policy objectives. As William Blum meticulously records in his magnum opus entitled Rogue State, the US government has routinely sponsored terrorists and death squads all over the world to neutralize unfriendly regimes and political movements. The Contras in Nicaragua, the MEK faction in Iran, Jundullah, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra Front, ISIS and sundry other terror groups have acted as Washington’s pet mercenaries for decades. Without US support, these groups would have had miniscule effect on political developments in their respective jurisdictions, which exposes bare the nauseating absurdity of Washington’s ‘war on terror.’

It beggars belief how anyone can seriously consider the skewed logic of Washington to justify its CIA ‘black sites’ where it torments completely innocent people simply for being Arab or Muslim.

The global ‘war on terror,’ conceived by the Israelis and launched by their American lackeys shortly after the false-flag attacks of 9/11, is nothing short of a cruel hoax on the world. The sadists and megalomaniacs who have executed this comical ruse may well evade justice in this lifetime, but history will record their foul deeds so that future generations will rightly view them as the monstrous villains that they have proven to be.

Copyright 2014 Brandon Martinez

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