Anti-German myths challenged in new video


In a thought-provoking new video, an 86-year-old German woman, Ursula Haverbeck, challenges establishment myths surrounding Germany’s concentration camps during the Second World War.

Early in the presentation, Haverbeck points out that the death total at Auschwitz has been officially lowered. Initially it was held that four million were killed in the wartime German camp, but the figure was substantially cut down in 1990, and now officially stands at somewhere around 1.5 million, depending on whom you ask. Even the latter figure, Haverbeck notes in the video, is false. Why has there been no explanation or apology to the German people for falsely accusing them of (at least officially) 2.5 million homicides that never took place, she asks.

In addition to Auschwitz, other major German camps have undergone significant alterations to their respective body counts. Majdanek and Mauthausen were originally said to be the resting places of a combined 3.5 million Jews, but establishment sources have since conceded that less than 100,000 Jews in total died there. If anything, the winners of World War II have an uncanny knack for exaggeration. Despite these drastic reductions, establishment sources refuse to apologize or properly inform the general public of the inaccurate, and downright mythical, victim counts.

Elsewhere in the video, Haverbeck draws attention to how acts of brutality on the part of German officers in the various concentration camps were severely punished by the National Socialist regime. Several German camp commandants were tried and convicted in SS courtrooms for transgressions against prisoners, and sentenced to death. Buchenwald commandant Karl Koch is one example.

Haverbeck contends that Auschwitz, the Rosetta stone of holocaust lore, was not an extermination center, but rather an encampment constructed primarily for the purposes of forced labour. Facilities in Auschwitz that do not coincide with the “death factory” depiction so commonplace in movies and books bring the official story into question.

For instance, a swimming pool existed in Auschwitz, and it was made for the inmates, not the guards. It can be seen by anyone who simply goes there to observe it for themselves, but you’d never know it by watching Hollywood films or reading standard histories on the subject. Besides a swimming pool, Auschwitz harboured a soccer field, a library, a hospital wing, inmate lodgings, dental accommodations, a post office, a theatre, and a manifold of other amazingly normal structures and accommodations that defy the contention that the place was a macabre slaughterhouse.

Other National Socialist camps in Germany-proper and Eastern Europe had similar life-promoting facilities, the existence of which dispels the wartime rumors and post-war contrivances of the vengeful victors.

The shaving of prisoners’ heads is usually portrayed as an inhumane act of barbarism on the part of the German camp administrators, as if they were methodically “prepping” their victims for slaughter. But the process was actually a standard health precaution done to prevent inmates from contracting the deadly typhus epidemic, which was carried and spread by lice.

Likewise with the “gas” supposedly used to murder millions. Most of the camps had delousing rooms where Zyklon B chemical was used to disinfect inmate clothing and mattresses — again, to prevent the spread of typhus and other diseases. There was nothing sinister or murderous about the “gas” rooms or chambers, the existence of which was manipulated and misrepresented in post-war Allied propaganda films to fit the ‘homicidal’ theme that the victors’ intended to pin on their defeated German foes.

The extreme embellishing of the numbers and outright deceptions surrounding Germany’s wartime labour and prison camps was designed quite deliberately to lend credence to Israel’s creation, hence the “never again” battle cry of the Jewish-Zionist militants who ethnically cleansed the once peaceful area of its “unwanted” (i.e., non-Jewish) inhabitants.

Haverbeck highlights the travesty that dozens of individuals are languishing in prisons across Europe for daring to tackle the “holocaust” taboo. The courageous lady ends the video by quoting revisionist scholar Germar Rudolf (himself a victim of the “thought police”) who once said that our capacity to doubt and search for answers is “what makes us human.”

It’s about time we laid the myths of World War II to rest, for the sake of peace and prosperity for future generations.

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