The ISIS comedy continues…


The ISIS comedy continues… 

By Brandon Martinez

One can’t help but laugh at the way in which our loathsome leaders try to pull the wool over our eyes time and again.

These cowards in high places have resorted to fantastical lies and clownish frauds to keep us complacent and ignorant.

This latest chicanery should make you grin.

Just hours after Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made an “anti-terrorism” pact with Israel and pledged $200 million towards the anti-ISIS coalition led by the United States, ISIS released a video threatening to kill two Japanese hostages.

The infamous British-accented Islamic State fighter, who allegedly beheaded a string of hostages over recent months including American photojournalist James Foley, appears in a new video demanding a ransom of $200 million in exchange for the release of the two Japanese captives.

“[Israeli PM] Netanyahu warned [Japanese PM] Abe that Japan could become a target of terrorism,” writes Dr. Patrick Slattery in an article on David Duke’s website, “and almost on cue, within a matter of hours ISIS released a video featuring two Japanese hostages in orange jumpsuits and a knife-wielding masked man who announced in British English that the Japanese [captives] would be killed if a $200 million ransom is not paid in 72 hours.”

What timing! What convenience!

ISIS seems to have ready-made beheading videos designed to whip up a furor in every country on god’s green earth. Americans, Frenchmen, Brits and now Japanese – it’s like they have a repository of prisoners from around the world, at-the-ready to be used as bait for further incitement.

ISIS’s string pullers in Washington and Tel Aviv are trying to drag the whole world into their farcical stage-play. Thanks to a slew of ‘beheading videos’ and contrived ‘terror incidents’ that struck a number of Western capitals in recent months, much of the Western world has reluctantly signed up with America’s counterfeit crusade against the radical group. And now Japan has been suckered into the madness.

As Slattery points out in the aforesaid article, the new ISIS video, like the myriad of replicas before it, appears to have been faked. The shadows are wrong and the wind affects the two Japanese captives differently. Slattery observes that,

“The video seems to be a composite as the three men were clearly not filmed in the same place at the same time. The hostage of the left, free-lance journalist Kenji Goto, has shadows on the right side of his face, while self-styled military consultant and former homeless person Haruna Yukawa has shadows on the left side of his face. Also, Yukawa’s jumpsuit billows in the wind, while Goto’s is mostly still. Furthermore, both hostages fail to show the slightest emotion as the masked man points a knife at each of their heads and threatens to kill them.”

All of ISIS’s HBO-quality productions look to be shot in some sort of professional studio, perhaps even in Hollywood. Everything about the group, from its menacing black flags, Toyota pick-ups and masked Kalashnikov-wielding ‘bad-guys,’ appears calibrated to fit a cinematic stereotype of the ‘Muslim radical’ and ‘violent Arab.’ This is not reality, it is carefully choreographed theater, produced and directed by the US-Israeli Military Industrial Complex.

The lead antagonist of this mediocre action flick, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, may not even exist at all. According to a New York Times report, the self-styled ‘caliph’ may have been a fictional character from the outset.

Entitled “Leader of Al Qaeda group in Iraq was fictional, U.S. military says,” the 2007 Times report explains that Abdullah Rashid al-Baghdadi, the head of ‘Islamic State in Iraq’ (precursor to ISIS), was a wholly fabricated personality whose public declarations were voiced by an elderly actor named Abu Adullah al-Naima.

US military spokesman Brigadier General Kevin Bergner acknowledged this fact, but tried to lay the blame for the hoax on al-Qaeda itself, suggesting that the purpose of the ruse was to put an ‘Iraqi face’ on a foreign-backed group, thereby drawing in more recruits from local militants opposed to the US invasion.

But even if that is to be believed, al-Qaeda itself, from its inception, was nothing more than a loose conglomeration of Jihadist mercenaries on the payroll of the CIA. The group’s leaders are, for the most part, double agents for the CIA, Mossad and MI6, fronting as ‘Islamic radicals’; a phantom enemy manufactured to serve the geopolitical objectives of the true ‘Axis of Evil’ ­– the US, Britain and Israel.

Is this phantom ‘al-Baghdadi’ from 2007 the residual chieftain of ISIS? If the previous head of ‘Islamic State in Iraq’ was merely a performer putting on a spectacle for the credulous masses, as the US military admits, then what makes this latest incarnation of the shadowy terror kingpin any less chimeric?

“Debunkers” will of course say that the admittedly mythical ‘al-Baghdadi’ and his present-day doppelganger are two different persons. But absent any kind of hard evidence that the terrorist ringleader is a real person with a real background, and considering his group’s dubious antecedents, it would be foolish to have any faith in the whole delusory affair.

All of this follows a pattern of US and Israeli intelligence psy-ops. In 2002, Israel exposed its hand behind a bungled operation to establish a counterfeit ‘al-Qaeda cell’ in the Gaza Strip. In December of that year Ariel Sharon asserted the presence of al-Qaeda in the Strip, and then had Mossad agents go out and recruit Gaza Arabs into a fake faction of al-Qaeda loyalists with promises of money and other allurements. The existence of the phony ‘terror cell,’ cultivated by Mossad itself, was then used by Sharon and company as a pretext to attack the beleaguered coastal enclave.

That Israeli deception signifies a broader stratagem of duplicity employed by Western secret services that willingly do Israel’s bidding free of charge. In the name of ‘exporting democracy’ – code speak for ‘eliminating threats to Israel’ – the Zionist-controlled West fakes threats and engineers crises in order to steer their populations into the neocon ideological fold, thereby easing the public into consenting to endless wars of aggression and constant curtailments of civil liberties.

It’s the same old game, over and over again, but people keep falling for it.

Copyright 2015 Brandon Martinez

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