Zionist Ezra Levant: Canada’s ‘hate speech’ laws result of Jewish lobbying


Zionist commentator Ezra Levant did a recent segment on the hypocrisy of the French government who on the one hand champions the anti-Muslim cartoons of Charlie Hebdo as “free expression” and then went on to arrest comedian Dieudonne for an innocuous Facebook comment the following day.

Levant notes that Dieudonne has been prosecuted several times in the past for speech deemed offensive to Jews. This is clearly hypocritical, Levant said while castigating Dieudonne as an ‘anti-Semite’ nonetheless.

At around 8:40 of the monologue, Levant confirms what many free speech advocates have been saying for years: it was not Muslims who lobbied for Canada’s repressive ‘hate speech’ laws, it was the organized Jewish community.

“In the 1960s and 70s, left-wing activists, Jews mainly as it so happens, pressed for so-called hate speech laws in Canada,” Levant acknowledged. “They were all targeting a handful of neo-Nazi activists in Toronto.”

Levant continued: “Neo-nazi really isn’t the right word. They weren’t violent like Nazis, they just didn’t like Jews. But these activists didn’t really do anything criminal at all. They were just really, really irritating. So the Canadian Jewish Congress pressed the Liberal government to have hate speech laws enacted. And they were. And for years those laws in Canada, such as Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, were used almost exclusively by the Jews against anti-Semitic losers. … The Canadian Criminal Code was amended too, to add hate propaganda and promoting genocide to the criminal code. All because some idiots kept irritating the Jewish community.”

Later in the video, Levant reveals his primary motivation for opposing ‘hate’ laws: Muslims can use the same laws to prosecute anti-Muslim commentators such as himself. Therefore, Levant’s strident free speech stance comes down to a banal tribal self-interest rather than a true belief in the principle of free expression.

In Levant’s mind, bashing Muslims and promoting the Jerusalemite ideology of the ‘war on terror’ is paramount, above the need to quash Organized Zionism’s critics.

Levant’s approach is to use smear and defamation tactics against critics of Israel and Jewish power, rather than supporting strong-arm state repression in the form of ‘hate speech’ enforcement. He knows that the Canadian and broader Western mainstream media is largely in the hands of Zionists, so there is little point for hate laws when people who harbour views that the Zionists dislike are denied a comparable voice anyway, or simply vilified.

Refusing anti-Zionists a platform and drowning out their message with incessant pro-Israel, anti-Muslim propaganda is the better way to go, Levant contends.

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