Israel staged false flags in South Africa: spy cables


According to a spy cable released by Al Jazeera, Israel may have staged false flag terror incidents in South Africa to justify increased security for their embassies and Israeli companies operating in the country.

Al Jazeera’s Feb. 24 report writes:

A different cable reveals a South African agent suggesting that Israel may have staged false flag operations in order to make the case for greater protection of its embassy and Israeli companies by South African authorities.

A briefing on relations between South African and Israeli intelligence discussed a petrol-bomb attack at an Israeli company in South Africa in June 2001, saying another “pipe bomb” had also been found and disabled.

It also highlights a number of bomb threats made to the Israeli embassy, which culminated in a man walking in to the embassy to make the same threat in person.

The South African agent authoring the report questions whether the event was all that is seemed, asking “did he actually walk-in at the Israeli Embassy or was this staged to ensure more protection,” and, “was the bombing incident also staged to attract more attention to safety at the Israeli Embassy and other Israeli Companies?”

There is no indication in the documents of whether the South Africans were able to answer their own questions.


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