Pre-Crime: PEI man arrested on ‘suspicion he may commit terrorism’


Non-Aligned Media
March 30, 2015

Pre-crime as depicted in the Hollywood classic ‘Minority Report’ has now come to Canada.

The RCMP have arrested a Prince Edward Island man identified as Amir Raisolsadat ‘on suspicion he may commit terrorism.’

The Canadian Press reported that “the RCMP have arrested a man after a peace bond was ordered against him based on allegations he might commit a terrorism offence.”

No other details about the man or his future ‘crime’ have been released.

The pro-war neocon regime in Ottawa has been trying to implement Stalinist ‘anti-terrorism’ legislation, bill C-51, using fear mongering and disinformation tactics to browbeat Canadians into consenting to a police state.

Incidents of this nature re-enforce the fabricated mythology that Canada faces some significant ‘terrorist threat,’ when in fact citizens are more likely to die from lightning, allergies, car accidents or being shot by the police.

Earlier this month Canada’s intelligence agency CSIS was discovered to have employed a Syrian man who was working as a human trafficker for ISIS, proving that the West is in cahoots with the militant group that it disingenuously claims to be fighting.

Meanwhile, Canada’s dictatorial Prime Minister Stephen Harper continuously lies to the public about a delusional ‘war against ISIS’ that isn’t happening.

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