Joshua Blakeney Interviews Veronica Clark

On April 28, 2015 I had the privilege of interviewing Veronica Clark, a prolific writer and thinker who focuses on the historiography of WWII in her sixteen books. Although originally intended to be a one-hour show, we ended up having a lengthy two-hour discussion, thanks to Veronica’s encyclopedic knowledge of the subjects she addresses. Multiple topics of discussion arose during the show, including:

  • The ideological constraints placed upon post-secondary institutions in the West
  • The experiences of ethnic minorities who resided in the Third Reich
  • The designation of Japanese as “honorary whites”
  • The impact of skewed, ethnic-exceptionalist histories on our understanding of Hitler’s views of race
  • Veronica’s new book on the so-called “Gleiwitz Incident”
  • The politicization of the historiography of false-flag operations
  • The motivations for the German invasion of Poland in September 1939
  • The implications of National Socialist policies for the Zionist Movement
  • The exaggerations about the National Socialist eugenics policies

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