NAM Podcast Episode #7: Nicholas Kollerstrom on Holocaust Deceptions


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On this episode of the Non-Aligned Media podcast, I spoke with Nicholas Kollerstrom, a British science historian and author of the new book Breaking the Spell: The Holocaust: Myth and Reality.

Kollerstrom was fired from his teaching job in 2008 for his investigations into the chemical evidence at Germany’s wartime concentration camps which, according to Kollerstrom, disproves the widespread myth that those camps were equipped with ‘homicidal gas chambers’ that were used to kill millions.

On the show we talked about the real purposes of Germany’s wartime camps and how routine disinfection procedures, such as delousing inmate clothing with chemicals, was twisted by Allied propaganda to suit a war fable about intentional ‘genocide’ of specifically Jewish inmates.

The scientific evidence is simply not there, Kollerstrom insisted, adding that British Army interceptions of German high command communications in 1941 reveal no mention of plans about ‘exterminating’ prisoners, but rather speak of labour activities. Allied aerial photographs taken over Auschwitz in 1944 seem to also undermine the assertion that mass executions were taking place at the ‘height’ of the alleged killing process. Kollerstrom also noted that much documentation exists showing that the German high command issued orders insisting that camp conditions be improved to reduce inmate mortality rates due to disease.

We also broached the elusive “Six Million” figure, and how the fable of ‘six million Jews’ either being persecuted or on the brink of a large-scale catastrophe was worthless atrocity propaganda bandied about in public discourse for decades prior to World War II, primarily by American Zionist groups looking to raise funds for Jewish colonization in Palestine. Despite drastic reductions in the death figures at many of the major camps, the ‘Six Million’ number is never revised, revealing it to be nothing more than a religious myth maintained through repetition.

We must look at history objectively, Kollerstrom stressed on the show, emphasizing the need for unrestricted inquiry into highly politicized events such as the Second World War. Unlike the politically and economically motivated enforcers of the official holocaust narrative, responsible skeptics, known as revisionists, are motivated solely by a search for truth and a thirst for justice, many suffering tremendous hardships for their principled stance.

Even though much of what has been said about the German concentration camps is either myth, distortion or exaggeration, I contend that we must make it clear that forced labour camps and concentration camps in general are reprehensible. All of the belligerents in World War II are guilty in this respect, and must be condemned for this moral transgression.

With that said, we must also be keen to seek truth and accuracy in history, and not let political or ethnic prejudices get in the way of rational analysis.


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