Canada’s Neocons to Criminalize BDS Activists to Please Israel

On May 12, 2015 I was interviewed by Press TV about the Harper regime’s intimation that it may encourage law enforcers to use Orwellian “hate speech” legislation to criminalize peaceful BDS activists. In January 2015 Canada’s then Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Israel which pledged to stamp out anti-Israel boycotts. When asked about implementation of this goal by the media, the Public Security Minister’s office cited Canada’s “hate speech” legislation.

I observed in the interview that “hate speech” legislation was devised to inoculate the organized Jewish community and Zionists from criticism and that the possible targeting of proponents of an economic boycott of Israel under such laws would merely be a natural expression of what the controversial laws were intended for in the first place.

As with the newly enacted Bill C-51, which allows champions of certain Palestinian organizations to be criminalized, this latest pronouncement of the Harper government reaffirms that Zionist precepts are becoming totalized and rendered sacrosanct by the Canadian State.

The best way for the Israeli regime to halt economic boycotts would be to cease periodically slaughtering Palestinian men, women and children wantonly. Instead Israel’s partisans in the West seek to persecute and Palestinianize critics of Israeli pogroms.


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