Joshua Blakeney Interviews Dr. Stephen Sniegoski


On May 28, 2015 I interviewed Dr. Stephen Sniegoski, author of the seminal text The Transparent Cabal and critic of the “war on terror.” We broached a number of subjects in the two-hour show, including:

  • Dr. Sniegoski’s 1977 PhD thesis on U.S. interventionism in WWII
  • The historical transformation of the U.S. from a republic into an empire
  • The America First Committee and U.S. anti-interventionists during WWII
  • The criminalization of intellectuals in America during WWII
  • The Israelocentrism of the leading Neoconservatives
  • The metamorphosis of Trotskyites and Liberals into Neoconservatives
  • Neoconservatism versus Paleoconservatism
  • The subordination of U.S. national interests to those of Israel
  • The possibility of a new “Great Sedition Trial” to eliminate critics of Zionism

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