NAM Podcast Episode #8: Kevin Barrett on Charlie Hebdo and False Flags


On this episode of the Non-Aligned Media podcast I spoke with Dr. Kevin Barrett, an Islamic scholar, radio host, author and fearless researcher who has written a series of books on false flag terrorism and government deception with a keen focus on the synthetic terror of 9/11.

In recent years Barrett has become more outspoken on the role and impact of organized Jewish Zionism in geopolitics and history, earning his place as one of the world’s foremost critics of the extremist, terrorist forces that populate that movement and ideology.

During the show I asked Barrett about his newly published book We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo!: Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11, which is a collection of essays from multiple contributors. In the book Barrett and others analyze the infamous Paris shooting in January 2015 which reinvigorated the neocon-contrived “clash of civilizations” between the West and Islam, an artificial dogma that was fostered in Israel in the 1980s.

In this talk Barrett highlighted some of the holes and inconsistencies in the official Charlie Hebdo shooting narrative, such as the many indications that the Kouachi brothers were intelligence assets that were cultivated and cajoled by rogue elements in French and possibly US and Israeli intelligence to fill the patsy role in this scenario.

Despite being on terror watch lists, under state surveillance and having been convicted for terrorism-related offences years earlier, the Kouachi brothers were somehow able to travel to and from the Middle East where we are told they linked up with al-Qaeda and ISIS. Miraculously the brothers were able to make their way back into France without any interference from authorities.

Barrett explained that the establishment story rests on the dubious assertion that one of the terrorist brothers left behind an ID card in the get-away car after allegedly murdering a dozen cartoonists and a police officer. Such sloppy behaviour casts doubt on the whole story, Barrett insists, pointing out the parallels with previous ‘official stories’ where ID cards and passports turn up at the crime scene which are then immediately brandished by authorities as ‘proof’ of Muslim culpability.

Other points of discussion include:

  • Hypocrisy of the French establishment on ‘free speech’
  • The methodology of false flag terrorism and the cultivation of patsies for fabricated attacks
  • The hijacking of Western foreign policy by neocon and Zionist elements
  • The Western-Globalist-Zionist assault on Islam in general
  • ISIS, Al Qaeda and other Takfiri tools of the Zio-American empire
  • Remedies to the Zio-American imperium and its global tentacles

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