Russia investigates teenage ‘Nazi’ amid ‘Good War’ celebrations


Russia investigates teenage ‘Nazi’ amid ‘Good War’ celebrations 

By Brandon Martinez

As Russia’s grandiose “Victory Day” parades celebrating the defeat of the Axis Powers in World War II come to a close, Russian authorities have initiated an Orwellian investigation into a 16-year-old Russian citizen for allegedly expressing pro-Nazi sentiments on social media.

The Moscow Times reports: “Russian investigators opened a criminal case Tuesday against a 16-year-old boy who allegedly expressed admiration for the 1939 Nazi invasion of Poland. On the 75th anniversary of the invasion, the teenager posted a photograph of Nazi troops with words in support of the attack on a social media site, Russia’s Investigative Committee alleged in a statement.”

The case seems to be part of a broader ‘Nazi-hunting’ campaign undertaken by the Kremlin, which passed a draconian law last year making it illegal to ‘glorify’ National Socialism or Fascism.

Such is life under a former KGB stalwart who deems it a criminal offence to praise the German occupation of Poland during the Second World War, but not the Soviet invasion of the eastern half of that same country, which took place two weeks after the German incursion.

German-Nazi foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop shakes hands with Stalin.
German-Nazi foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop shakes hands with Stalin.

In fact, the Soviet Union was in a tenuous alliance with Nazi Germany from 1939 to 1941. The Soviet-Nazi agreement, known as the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, saw the two regimes cooperate on several economic and military fronts. Through this accord Hitler’s Germany implicitly green-lighted Soviet intrusions into Eastern Poland, the Baltic states, Romania and Finland. The two super-powers even traded raw materials and armaments on a significant scale. They coordinated their joint conquest of Poland in September of 1939, divvying up the spoils.

The Nazi-Communist embrace was not meant to last though, as Hitler and Stalin both had aims for Eastern Europe that impinged upon each other’s objectives for the region. The alliance promptly terminated when Hitler invaded the Soviet Union in 1941’s Operation Barbarossa, which nullified the Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement and pushed Stalin to embrace the Western Allies. According to the former Soviet intelligence officer and historian Viktor Suvorov, Stalin planned to eventually attack Germany and Bolshevize much of Europe, but was pre-empted by Hitler.

All of this history makes Russia’s new ‘law’ against ‘glorifying Nazism’ ridiculous and hypocritical on its face. It is not contrary to ‘law’ in Putin’s Russia to romanticize the communist regimes of Stalin and Lenin, both of whom top the list of history’s most murderous tyrants. Millions of Russians celebrate the Stalinist victory in WWII each year in public parades and marches that are organized by the Kremlin – a victory that spelled the doom of millions of Eastern Europeans who fell under the military jackboot of Bolshevism. Russians callously cheer and shout with joy about the Red Army’s sweeping conquests of neighbouring countries, resulting in the post-WWII ‘iron curtain’ of communist satellites stretching across half of Europe, from the Baltics to East Germany.

Conservative estimates hold that more than 40 million people perished at the hands of the Soviet regime under Stalin and his deranged predecessor Lenin. Mass detentions and executions, slave labour, institutionalized torture and every other odious atrocity known to man were exercised with cruel precision by the Soviet security agencies.

For various reasons, Western news and entertainment media is soft on the Soviet Union’s horrid legacy of repression and terror. The ‘Nazis’ are always singled-out as the ultimate embodiment of ‘evil’ despite Communism’s much worse track record of human butchery. America and Britain likewise have larger body counts to their names than all of the Axis countries combined if we tally up the victims of their pre and post-WWII military interventions and take into account the exaggerated numbers of the ‘Holocaust’. That is not to say that the Axis Powers don’t have any blood on their hands, but it is important to emphasize the realities which clearly undermine Allied claims to moral superiority. There were no ‘good guys’ in WWII – just different players with competing interests.

Part of the reason for this soft-peddling of Soviet carnage is that much of it was done with the complicity and assistance of the main Allied Powers – Britain, America and France – who likewise unleashed hell-on-earth during the war. It expertly serves the political elites of the winners of WWII to whitewash Allied atrocities under a tidal wave of anti-Axis invective. Widespread acknowledgement of said outrages would minimize the real and imagined crimes of Hitler’s Germany.

Exaggerated stories of Jewish suffering have been used as an ideological weapon to justify modern-day crimes against humanity in Palestine, Iraq and beyond. They further act as a commercial instrument designed to extract money from the vanquished Germans – money that was initially used to finance the Israel project. Many powerful people today stand much to lose if this lucrative industry were to lose its potency, hence why the myth of Allied benevolence must be maintained at all costs.

The post-WWII hegemonic aims of the Allied Powers, which included the Soviet Union, would be undercut if the masses ever realized that the so-called ‘good guys’ in WWII were merciless killers who deliberately carpet-bombed civilian population centers, ran concentration camps, and unleashed all manner of brutality upon Europe and Asia in the name of ‘freedom and democracy,’ ‘anti-Fascism’ and other feeble pretexts.

The moral of the story is that neither Putin’s Russia nor the Allied countries has a moral high ground with which to demean other competitor nations that were defeated in past wars. Ordinary citizens have this right, but not today’s political leaders who are essentially successors of the Allied regimes and serve as extended mouthpieces for them. All sanctimonious preaching on the part of American, British, Russian and Jewish-Zionist leaders today should be discarded as rank opportunism and disingenuous fibbing.

Copyright 2015 Brandon Martinez

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