Infowars Favourite Mark Dice Promoted by Zionist Fox News

Brandon Martinez
Non-Aligned Media
June 30, 2015

The warmongering pro-Zionist, anti-9/11 truth network Fox News aired a segment in 2013 featuring Mark Dice, an Infowars favourite who makes YouTube videos bashing degenerate celebrities as occult luciferians and members of the Illuminati.

The Fox segment centred around Dice’s viral YouTube videos where he asks and succeeds in getting Americans to sign petitions for such ludicrous things as nuking Russia, repealing the First Amendment and banning the American flag.

‘You’re doing great work and we’ll have you back,’ the Fox News host said, heaping adulation on Dice despite his ‘conspiracist’ track record.

The episode unveils the burgeoning crossover between the pseudo-alternative media, led by Infowars founder Alex Jones, and the neocon, Zionist-controlled propaganda bullhorn known as Fox News.

Infowars stalwart Paul Joseph Watson has as of late taken a staunchly anti-Muslim line. Those who follow his Twitter feed can attest to his new-found obsession with vilifying Islam in general without any caveats. ‘Islam is a violent ideology that needs to be reformed,’ says Watson as he links to overt Neocon-Zionist propaganda outlets to justify his stance.

Comparable critiques of other religions is virtually absent from Watson’s output. His narrow focus on Islam resembles the tactics of the neocon ‘New Atheists’ whose mission is to vilify and dehumanize Muslims to make genocidal wars for Israel and oil in the Middle East more palatable.

The Wahhabi-Salafist ideology that Watson decries whilst falsely depicting it as representative of Islam in general is in reality an 18th century sectarian “reformist” cult that has hijacked the name and symbols of Islam for its own perverse agenda. In practice that movement represents something closer to fundamentalist Judaism. Wahabbism and its brainwashed adherents, most prominently the House of Saud in Saudi Arabia, have been allied to the oppressive forces of Zionism, British imperialism and America since its inception.

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