New Essay on Kindle – Criminalizing Dissent: The West Bows to Zionism


In this special report, journalist Brandon Martinez unravels the totalitarian plan to shut down critics of the emerging Anglo-American-Zionist New World Order through legislative chicanery. Zionists and their helpers have been clamouring to censor the Internet and implement draconian ‘hate’ laws internationally in an Orwellian bid to silence opposing voices to the Neocon-Zionist agenda. Much of the West has already succumb to Organized Zionism and has been enforcing its primitive edicts upon an unsuspecting public. Martinez documents the increasing drive by Western regimes to criminalize conspiracy research relating to false-flag terrorism in a similar vein to Europe’s draconian ‘Holocaust denial’ laws. He also ties it in with the synthetic ‘threat’ of ISIS which was manufactured by Israel and the West to paralyze Westerners with fear, thereby ripening the masses for an authoritarian take-over under the guise of ‘security.’

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