Jeremy Corbyn Bows to Holocaustianity

Non-Aligned Media
Brandon Martinez
August 17, 2015

The Zionists have been running a sustained smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn, the British politician contending for leadership of the Labour Party in that country.

Zionist-controlled media outlets have made a big deal about Corbyn once calling Hezbollah and Hamas ‘friends,’ and now they’ve tried to link him with a Holocaust revisionist (a “denier” in mainstream parlance).

As to be expected, Corbyn has succumbed to the pressure, disavowing any connection to the revisionist Paul Eisen, and denouncing Holocaust revisionism as “vile and wrong.”

Corbyn, in a desperate bid to mitigate the sustained Zionist media attack, has affirmed the exceptionality of the “Holocaust,” calling it the most “vile part of our history.” “The Jewish people that were killed in the Nazi Holocaust were the people who suffered the most in the 20th century,” he added.

Corbyn’s capitulation to Holocaustianity is unsurprising. He is a weak left-winger who could never mount a true revolution against Zionist power. The Zionists dislike him because he doesn’t support the slow-motion genocide of the Palestinains, and that’s enough for them to seek his demise.

Other left-wingers like George Galloway have not only affirmed the false exceptionality of the Holocaust but have called for all skeptics and doubters of the narrative to be thrown in jail. This is a standard compromise that pro-Palestinian politicians like Galloway and Corbyn make – they somewhat challenge Zionist power in far-away Palestine, but not in their home countries. They eschew the Zionist agenda in the Middle East, but uphold many aspects of that agenda on the home-front.

Corbyn and Galloway are better than most of the unrepentant sabbath goys that plague the Western establishment, but they are simply not good enough. Their old-age and weak physical stature make them a poor choice for leadership in the struggle against Zionist totalitarianism. Galloway’s alleged degenerate sexual habits also make him a prime target for blackmail.

Left-wing controlled opposition like Galloway and Corbyn is not the answer.

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