White worker says Canada Revenue Agency discriminated against him

Editor’s Note: Reverse discrimination against whites is a reality in the West. White males are the only group that Western governments openly discriminate against using “equality” legislation and affirmative action-type programs. ‘Hate speech’ laws are also used almost exclusively as a bludgeon against white males. If you attend any college or university in the West, inevitably you’ll run into a strong bias against whites and seemingly open bashing of white males by professors, particularly in the history and the social sciences classes.


Toronto Sun

OSHAWA – A Canada Revenue Agency worker alleges his employer discriminated against him because he had the misfortune of being born a white man.

Joe Bate, 40, is representing himself in the Federal Court case. He claims he was an “efficient and productive” appeals officer for CRA, outshining many of his colleagues.

But instead of being promoted, he says his employer used the Employment Equity Act to pass him over.

“I could be twice as efficient (as my co-workers), have better communication skills … but, unfortunately, I was born white,” Bate told the court Tuesday.

He said the Employment Equity Act was passed in 1986 to ensure inclusion in the workplace of four groups — women, visible minorities, aboriginals and persons with disabilities. But, he said, it excludes “one specific group.”


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