Audio recording of Bataclan attack missing “Allah Akbar” yells

The media has told us that the attackers of the Bataclan theater in Paris were yelling “Allah Akbar” and made references to Syria during the alleged massacre. These stories were instrumental in establishing the ‘ISIS did it’ narrative that has been pursued with vigour ever since.  As I reported yesterday, an early eyewitness named Julien Pearce contradicted those claims in an interview with CNN the night of the attack, telling Wolf Blitzer that the gunmen, “Did not say anything. They just shot people.” An audio recording of the attack inside the concert hall has emerged, and seems to confirm Pearce’s testimony that the gunmen did not speak at all.

This is important because it proves that the media has been peddling unconfirmed false claims that bolster what appears to be a prewritten narrative of an ISIS attack.

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