Fox News Planted Fake Story Establishing ISIS Guilt Within Moments of Paris Attacks


Remember those early reports from the Paris attack coverage which claimed that a terrorist ‘suspect’ had been arrested at the Bataclan theater and told police “I am from ISIS”? The story spread like wildfire on neocon and kosher conservative blogs, Jihad Watch, Breitbart and Infowars chief among them, but originated from a Fox News live report which was a bit more detailed, stating:

“There is one man who has been arrested in Paris tonight. Arrested by French authorities who told French authorities ‘I am from ISIS.’ I now have further information: that suspect has just told French police within the last hour or so, ‘I am Syrian, I was here with two others, we were recruited by ISIS and this is … an ISIS mission.’ [The man] was quoted from inside the [Bataclan] theater saying, ‘This is for Syria. Allahu Akbar.’”

Considering that no suspects were taken into custody alive that day – all were said to have been killed by police or by suicide (the Guardian, for instance, tells us: “Eight attackers also died, police say, seven of them by detonating explosive suicide belts”) – this story, originating with the cartoonish neocon propaganda outlet Fox News, is brazenly planted disinformation. So who was this mysterious apprehended ‘suspect’ that conveniently handed the news media a perfect sound-bite to immediately link the Paris attacks to Syria and ISIS? Clearly a phantom created by the media itself to do just that – instantly point the finger of culpability at a predetermined fall guy, in this case ISIS, and seal that rumor in the public’s consciousness where it now remains etched in stone.

There is very little chance that a news organization could make such an egregious “mistake” about a non-existent ‘suspect’ making non-existent ‘confessions’ to police, which never actually took place. And reflecting on Fox News’ notorious reputation as a factory of lies for the Neocon-Zionist propaganda machine, this latest example of false reporting cannot be anything but a deliberate attempt at disinformation designed to hoodwink the public with another phony ‘terror’ narrative.

In addition to the fact that the Fox story is provably false now that we know all the alleged assailants were killed and none were captured alive on that day, other reports undermine the anonymous “witness” claims that the gunmen in the Bataclan theater were shouting thingslike “this is for Syria” and “Allahu Akhbar.”

A CNN interview with a purported eyewitness who was inside the Bataclan concert hall, radio reporter Julien Pearce, indicates that the gunmen did not shout anything during the operation. In response to a question about if the shooters were “speaking in French or Arabic or anything you could discern,” Pearce told Wolf Blitzer:

“Nothing, nothing. I heard nothing, just the yelling and screaming of the people. They [the gunmen] didn’t shout anything. They didn’t say anything. Not Allah Akhbar or something like this. They said nothing. They just shot. They just shoot. They were just shooting to people.”

Thus, the media’s peddling of unverified stories about unnamed “witnesses” reporting the gunmen shouting things that conveniently attribute identity and motive to the attackers – “this is for Syria” and “Allahu Akhbar” – should be dismissed as yet more planted propaganda, like the false ‘I am from ISIS’ fairytale, to immediately fix the narrative around the predetermined script of an “ISIS attack.” It is more likely that this named and identified witness, Julien Pearce, is telling the truth that the gunmen did not blurt out these things during the attack. He is identified, was in the concert hall as it happened and has no reason to lie, unlike unnamed, anonymous witnesses whose unverified claims bolster the establishment narrative.

Also highly suspicious and questionable is the assertion that passports belonging to the two alleged ‘suicide bombers’ who, we are told, detonated outside the Stade de France, were discovered by police. “Syrian and Egyptian passports found near bodies of suicide bombers at Stade de France,” a headline in the UK Independent reads, citing French security officials. This dubious “claim” cannot be taken seriously. Why would individuals on a suicide mission even carry passports on their person? You do not need a passport to travel around Paris. And how did such passports survive the explosions without being destroyed along with the bodies of their owners? A logical and rational observer should conclude, as I have, that this story appears to be another “planted” clue that authorities invented to establish a Middle Eastern, especially Syrian, connection to the events of Friday the 13th.

Many analysts have likened this to the fantastical and downright comical claim that an Al Qaeda terrorist’s passport was discovered near the World Trade Center on 9/11. By way of some heavenly intervention, the indestructible Al Qaeda passport managed to survive both the explosive, fiery plane crash into the tower and a hundred-foot tumble to the ground, only to be found by authorities in pristine condition, which was then expediently waved in front of the cameras as “proof” that Muslims did 9/11.

All of the standard hallmarks and patterns of the false flag terror formula are beginning to emerge from the real or imagined carnage in Paris.

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