Jewish Supremacists Exploit Paris Carnage For Political Gain


Non-Aligned Media / Brandon Martinez / Nov. 20, 2015

It comes as no real shock that Jewish supremacists have seized upon the latest (likely staged) terror spectacle in Paris to forward their long-term, multi-faceted plan to provoke and inflame a lethal schism between the West and Islamic world.

The 9/11 attacks – Israel’s ‘New Pearl Harbour’ psyop designed to ignite the preplanned ‘War on Terror’ (a war of aggression to unseat Tel Aviv’s regional foes) – was the opening act in a prolonged stage-play of fake terror, blamed on Muslim patsies but masterminded by Israeli and Western intelligence services, which continues to this day.

The latest Oscar-worthy performance is currently unfolding in France under the guise of ISIS brigandry. The shooting massacre at the until-recently Jewish/Zionist-owned Bataclan theater and alleged ‘suicide’ explosions elsewhere in Paris, which allegedly killed more than 100 civilians, have plunged France into a state of abject hysteria. The Zionists, playing on the media-induced delirium enveloping the Western world, are predictably milking the event for all of its political currency.

War criminal Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, commenting on the incidents in France, “call[ed] on those who condemn Paris attacks to also denounce terror against Israel.” “An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us,” the master manipulator said, believing the ‘Goyim’ are too stupid to catch onto this transparent farce.

As he has done incessantly in the past, Netanyahu injects Israeli propaganda into the narrative by contriving a ‘link’ between the West and Israel, who according to the Zionist propaganda hymn sheet, are both victims of “radical Islam” and should therefore “join forces” to combat this “scourge.”

The truth is that Israel and its Western colonies are not victims of “radical Islam” but master exporters of unremitting warfare and terror, the main victims of which have been primarily Arab and Muslim.

Arabs and Muslims did not engineer a false-flag operation in one of their countries, falsely blame the West and then declare a ‘war on terror’ on it, proceeding to invade and pulverize a series of Western countries in the name of ‘rooting out the terrorists’ or ‘finding WMDs’. But a coalition of Western countries, under the aegis of Zionist neocon operatives fronting as ‘foreign policy strategists,’ did that very thing to the Arab/Muslim world, killing and displacing millions in the process. And Western regimes, including France, continue to pursue insane regime change policies in the Arab/Islamic world, which has culminated in the deliberate creation and sponsorship of ISIS as a tool of sabotage to weaken and eventually overthrow President Assad in Syria.

It wasn’t only Netanyahu spewing verbal diarrhoea after the theatrical display in Paris. The Israeli kingpin’s co-religionists in France immediately began bloviating the same Zionist chorus, calling for a “world war on Jihadism.” CRIF, the main Jewish lobby umbrella group in France, said “such a fight must become the top priority for the world’s democratic nations.” By “democratic nations” they mean all of the countries under Zionist control. A prominent Israeli rabbi, Dov Lior, even suggested that the French deserved the attack, citing “what they [Europeans] did to our people 70 years ago” – a clear reference to the discredited “Holocaust.”

All of this is conspicuously convenient for the Zionists, who are busily reinforcing their skewed and self-serving terror narrative while making no mention of the fact that Israel has been discreetly supporting and collaborating with the extremist anti-Assad militants in Syria – the same ones who we are told attacked Paris last week. Tel Aviv has ostensibly been providing weaponry, logistics, hospital care and air cover to the head-chopping insurgents from Al-Nusra Front and presumably ISIS as well, in a sordid and criminal effort to oust anti-Zionist Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

A November 14 Times of Israel article aptly titled “In France, defense experts ‘see parallels to Israel’” reported on the advanced warnings received by France’s Jewish community leaders about an “impending large terrorist attack in the country.” It was initially written that the Jews received this warning on the morning of the attack, but the story was later edited to say the admonitions were ongoing for months, evidently an attempt to reflect a more vague and kosher narrative that wouldn’t draw as much suspicion.

But either way, France’s Jews, as privileged citizens of that Zionist “republic,” were privy to advanced knowledge of this terror atrocity, probably tipped off by the Mossad whose hand in the attacks, alongside their loyal servants in the French government, is rapidly being revealed by online sleuths.

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