Main cafe hit in Paris attacks was under Jewish ownership

Editor’s Note: What a coincidence. Not only was the Bataclan theatre an until-recently Jewish-owned venue, but the main cafe that was allegedly attacked was also under Jewish ownership!


Times of Israel

One of the cafes where Islamic State gunmen wreaked murder in Paris on Friday is owned by a Jewish man, and his wife was killed in the attack. So were friends of his from a Muslim family of Tunisian origin, one of whom was a minority shareholder and manager of the cafe.

The majority shareholder of La Belle Equipe sidewalk cafe, at the intersection of the 10th and 11th arrondissements, is Gregory Reibenberg.

Reibenberg and his wife were at the cafe, which was full of customers, when the terrorists opened fire at about 9.30 p.m. His wife Djamila Houd, died in his arms.

“I was holding her hand. We couldn’t revive her. We couldn’t do anything more,” Reibenberg told France-2 television. “She asked me to take care of our daughter, and I promised I would.”

Two other people who were murdered at the cafe were Halima Saadi Ndiaye and her sister Hodda Saadi. Their brother Khaled works at cafe. The family are French-born Muslims with Tunisian roots and relatives in Senegal.


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