Paris Narrative Collapsing: Paris patsy Salah Abdeslam allegedly ‘escaped to Syria’

Is human poltergeist Salah Abdeslam using his invisibility cloak to evade authorities?
Is human poltergeist Salah Abdeslam using his invisibility cloak to evade authorities?

Non-Aligned Media / Brandon Martinez / Nov. 30, 2015

French officials are now peddling the absurd disinformation that Salah Abdeslam, the drug-using ‘gay rent boy’ who was spotted frequenting gay bars as recent as a month before the attacks, has somehow managed to escape to Syria, despite the entire EU’s police and intelligence agencies hunting him down.

One commenter on the Independent‘s article on this humorously observed: “How astonishingly clever of him. Does he have a cloak of invisibility?”

CNN is reporting that, “French intelligence services say they think he’s escaped to Syria, according to the source close to the investigation and a counterterrorism source.”

Right, French intelligence is such a reliable source for claims of this nature, aren’t they?

CNN then quoted Belgian authorities who disputed the ridiculous claim:

“Belgian officials aren’t so sure, however. Security services there have seen no indications Abdeslam has made it to Syria, although they’ve always thought he might be headed there, a Belgian security analyst in touch with Belgian security officials told CNN on Monday.”

This story flies in the face of everything we’ve been told so far. Just a few days ago we were being told that Abdeslam abandoned the mission and tossed his explosive suicide vest in a dumpster on the outskirts on Paris, which prompted reports that ISIS was “out to get him” for ostensibly “chickening out.” An article in the Independent carried the headline, “On the run from Isis: Jihadists ‘targeting Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam for chickening out of killings’”

ISIS 'out to kill' Abdeslam so he decides to go to Syria and embrace his fate? Ridiculous!
ISIS ‘out to kill’ Abdeslam so he decides to go to Syria and embrace his fate? Ridiculous!

Another article in the Mirror writes: “A fugitive terrorist on the run after the Paris massacre fears he will be targeted by ISIS jihadis after failing to complete his task of ‘martyrdom’, it has been claimed.”

Abdeslam chicked out article, mirror

But now, amazingly, we’re being told he has gone to Syria, right into the hands of the very people out to kill him!

Abdeslam in Syria

On top of that, the suggestion that Abdeslam could magically escape Europe and make it to Syria despite France and Belgium being on complete lockdown (martial law) with tens of thousands of police and soldiers in the streets searching for him is palpably ludicrous. It is simply an pathetic fantasy!

More revelations have emerged showcasing that Salah Abdeslam was most likely a protected asset of NATO intelligence agencies and was purposefully allowed to escape. Despite wanted posters featuring his picture being displayed “in every town in France,” we are being asked to believe that the police mangaged to screw up so badly as to overlook him THREE separate times after the attacks as he headed to the Belgium-French border. A report in the Toronto Sun titled “Belgian fugitive Salah Abdeslam stopped by police 3 times after Paris attacks: Lawyer” tells us this:

A Belgian fugitive suspected of taking part in the Paris attacks was stopped three times by French police while being driven back to Brussels the following morning but was allowed to carry on his way, a defence lawyer said on Tuesday.

As the manhunt continued for Salah Abdeslam, 26, a lawyer for a friend accused of being his accomplice, and who admits driving Abdeslam home from Paris, told Belgian broadcaster RTBF that a previously reported police check on them as they neared the Belgian border about 9 a.m. on Saturday was only the last of three such occasions when French police halted their car.

The failure to arrest Abdeslam, identified as the man who rented a Belgian car found near the Bataclan music venue where 89 people were shot dead, has complicated efforts to track down those behind the multiple attacks. French officials said others suspected of direct involvement may also have got away.

Abdeslam stopped by police three times

This only makes sense if Abdeslam is an intelligence asset who was essentially being protected the whole time and spirited out of the country under the guardianship of French police and intelligence. The “man hunt” is simply a laughable ruse to confuse the public about all of this.

More anomalies concerning the Abdeslam brothers’ backgrounds cast serious doubt that they were truly “ISIS jihadists.” A lengthy Sunday Times article (conveniently hidden behind a paywall) titled “Gay sex, drugs, then suicidal slaughter” has busted open new revelations demonstrating that the brothers were anything but committed to a hardline Islamic lifestyle – quite the opposite. The article opens with this telling line: “One frequented gay clubs; another boasted he had slept with a different woman every night on holiday. Within months these pot-smoking misfits joined Isis’s attack on the ‘capital of perversion.'”

It adds:

“They often saw him in the club, the clean-shaven 26-year-old who enjoyed smoking joints and chatting with other men. He was in the gay sex bar in central Brussels as recently as one month ago, and nobody who saw him lounging comfortably there could have imagined for a moment that he was about to become the most wanted man in Europe.

The handsome youth with a taste for hashish has since been identified as Salah Abdeslam, suspected of being part of the terrorist unit that killed 130 people in Paris last weekend. The attackers were hailed in jihadist circles as martyrs, yet for regulars at the men-only clubs in the Saint-Jacques quarter of central Brussels, Abdeslam was just another pot-smoking party-goer.

‘We had him down as a rent boy, he was always hanging out with that kind of crowd,’ said Julien, the bartender of a club Salah visited last month.”

A UK Metro article on Salah’s gay past notes that the revelation “is … confusing… because Isis regards homosexuality as forbidden and regularly murders people it identifies as being gay. Other videos released by the terror group also show them flogging and beating people who have drunk alcohol or smoked.” A friend of the brothers, Karim, says they “spent most of their days smoking hashish and playing on Playstation in the bar. There was nothing to suggest they were radicalised.”

So ISIS throw gays to their deaths off of buildings in Syria and Iraq, but employed a 'gay rent boy' to attack Paris?
So ISIS throw gays to their deaths off of buildings in Syria and Iraq, but employed a ‘gay rent boy’ to attack Paris?

But rest assured, Salah Abdeslam, the “most wanted man in Europe,” has been “skyping friends from his hideout in Brussels” (i.e., using easily tracked communications) while the whole world is looking for him and still unable to locate this human poltergeist.

Like the commenter quoted above said: “Does he have a cloak of invisibility?”

This nonsense is getting more ridiculous by the hour.

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