Paris patsy Salah Abdeslam stopped by police three times after Paris attacks, let go each time

Editor’s Note: So the Paris ‘suspect’ Salah Abdeslam was stopped a total of three times by police after the attacks, and was let go each time. If this doesn’t ring the alarm bells that this guy was a protected asset of French intelligence, then what will? French authorities are not merely incompetent buffoons, things like this happen for a reason.

salah-abdeslamToronto Sun

A Belgian fugitive suspected of taking part in the Paris attacks was stopped three times by French police while being driven back to Brussels the following morning but was allowed to carry on his way, a defence lawyer said on Tuesday.

As the manhunt continued for Salah Abdeslam, 26, a lawyer for a friend accused of being his accomplice, and who admits driving Abdeslam home from Paris, told Belgian broadcaster RTBF that a previously reported police check on them as they neared the Belgian border about 9 a.m. on Saturday was only the last of three such occasions when French police halted their car.

As security chiefs looked for missed signals of a plot that French President Francois Hollande says was planned in Belgium and ordered from Syria, Brussels hit back at criticism of its intelligence effort to contain one of the densest collections of radical groups in Europe with ties to Islamic State.

… The fact they were stopped three times by police did not raise his client’s suspicions about Abdeslam, he said — young Arab men got used to that from the police, Carette suggested.


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