Proof of Paris hoax? Woman possibly throws “firecracker” through window in cafe shooting scene

Editor’s Note: I’ve posted about this dubious cafe video before. Nobody is injured or killed in this footage, the gunman comes right up to the two women out front and does NOT shoot them. On top of that there is no damage inside the cafe, when a gunman is supposed to be spraying AK47 bullets through the front door. Moreover, as these two videos below demonstrate, one woman from outside appears to throw a firecracker type device through the front window and then runs in the cafe pretending she is shot in the wrist. This is compelling.

Update: As a commenter here pointed out this video of the same scene with an inverted view which seems to show more clearly what appears to be something busting through the glass window, cracking but not shattering it. It’s possible her hand-flicking gesture coincided with a bullet entering. Quite a coincidence, but possible. Decide for yourself.

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