Belgistan – The Multiculturalism Gambit Explained

Non-Aligned Media / Brandon Martinez / Dec. 30, 2015

This video below demonstrates clearly the agenda the Zionists are pursuing regarding the deliberately planned mass immigration of particularly Muslims into Europe. The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) channel, which produced this and other similar videos, exists to promote fears of rising Muslim demographics in Europe. Its reports gives us some truthful information about the negative impact of mass immigration of non-Whites into the West, but since it is a cuckolded Christian Zionist (and Jewish-influenced) disinformation organ, it ultimately withholds key information about the origins and agenda behind both multicultualism (a by-product of Zio-Globalism) and the Ziocon ‘war on terror’ gambit launched on the back of the CIA-Mossad false flag attack on 9/11.

In much of its reporting the channel seeks out radical Salafists within these burgeoning Muslim enclaves in Europe in order to portray these fringe extremists as the “face” of Islam. Many of these high-profile, rabble rousing Salafists in Europe, folks like Anjem Choudary and others, are sponsored by and on the payroll of Western intelligence agencies to manufacture bad PR for Muslims in accordance with the Ziocon “clash of civilizations” game plan. Such extremists do exist organically, but their fringe voices are being deliberately amplified by Zionist mainstream media so as to promote fear and disdain for Muslims generally since most Westerners will not be able to discern any difference between a Wahabbi or Salafi (also sometimes called Kharijites) and a traditional Sunni, Shiite, Sufi, etc. Most clueless Westerners simply know them collectively as “rag heads” with no distinctions and can therefore be easily cajoled by selective propaganda into adopting negative stereotypes about Muslims that suit the Ziocon narrative.

As I’ve emphasized in many articles and interviews as of late, the two-tiered Zionist strategy of tension is to firstly destabilize and outright destroy much of the Arab/Muslim world in the furtherance of Israeli empire, and then to purposely import a mass influx of immigrants and refugees from these tumultuous regions, bring them into Europe and ultimately thrust them against the native populations. The reality of Europe’s shifting demographics which has seen the sharp rise of Muslim populations is then used to engender more fear and suspicion of Muslims, thereby bolstering Ziocon narratives about the menace of Islam and the ‘imperative’ to support Israel and fight wars for her.

The end result of this truly Machiavellian scheme is a dying West whose people either don’t understand what is going on or cannot recognize the big picture because they have been inundated with foreigners who appear to be a more immediate concern than the Zio-Masonic Western elite who orchestrated these disastrous polices to begin with and continue to pursue them to the detriment of both Middle Easterners and Whites.

The best way forward for the West and the Islamic world is to firstly completely end the Ziocon wars and proxy wars in the Middle East; the West must make amends with the Arab/Muslim world by paying reparations to compensate for the decades of destruction rained down on the millions of innocents who have been killed, maimed and displaced by Western wars; then the Western countries should start reversing the open borders immigration policies, repatriating many if not most of the foreigners back to their countries of origin so that they can be with their own cultures and live more happily there than as minorities in Europe.

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