Corbett and Edmonds Call Out Pro-Russian Blowhards in Alt-Media

Good to see a few others in the alt-media condemning the nauseating Putin/Russia worship we see taking over. Much of this stems from the domination and co-option of the alt-media by Kremlin controlled outlets like Russia Today. RT is the go-to source of information for most of the lemmings who follow politics and international affairs, so it stands to reason that Putin and Russia receive nothing but glowing appraisals from people who swallow RT’s Kremlin-approved narratives.

Another major source of Putin/Russia worship and unbridled apologism are websites like CounterPunch and These websites function as Russian propaganda mills. That is not to say they don’t produce some good and useful content on Western malfeasance, but on Russia, they majorly suck. Justin Raimondo, Eric Draitser, Tony Cartalucci, and other pseudo-progressives shill like Soviet-era propaganda commissars for Kremlin foreign and domestic policy. As does former Reagan advisor Paul Craig Roberts who gets a mention in this video.

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