Infowars Goes Full Cuckservative, Ramps Up Fear Campaign About “Waddical Mooslims”


Non-Aligned Media / Brandon Martinez / Dec. 7, 2015

Alex Jones’ Infowars has undertaken a spooky “nation-wide investigation of Islamic compounds.” Infowars sleuth “reporter” Joe Biggs has allegedly discovered scary “Islamic compounds” (i.e. mosques) run by “known terrorists.” In one report he appears in an “undisclosed location in the northeastern part of America” and reads off a paper with terrifying “facts” about radical Mooslims running wild in America, right under the noses of authorities! Oh boy, bust out the Pulitzer Prize for Mr. Joe Biggs and his unprecedented sleuthing exposing the “rise of the American Caliphate”!

Infowars is Fox News-lite.

Right on cue, Alex Jones has tapped on his longtime bum-boy Paul Joseph Watson to ramp up the Muslim bashing. In his latest video, “The Truth About Islam,” Watson bravely defied the “politically correct pro-Muslim mainstream media,” declaring: “There’s no such thing as moderate Islam. It is a violent, intolerant religion… By its very nature Islam is an intolerant, radical, extremist belief system… Islam itself is the problem!” Such a rebel this Watson, saying what the Western mainstream media and political establishment dares not say, only that they have been saying that for the past 15 years and continue to incessantly push that line every chance they get.

Much of this Fox News-style fear mongering and neocon-inspired disinformation emanating from Infowars seems timed to coincide with Alex Jones’ recent interview with Donald Trump wherein the egomaniac presidential candidate talked a lot about that “radical Mooooslim stuff” and how those crafty and ever-elusive radical Moooslims are readying more terror attacks on the innocent nation of America. Trump told Jones that he is not only a successful businessman but a prophet too, having “predicted” the menace of CIA-asset/patsy/bogeyman Osama bin Laden. Trump was also keen to emphasize that Bin Laden really did orchestrate 9/11 from his cave hide-out and presumably planned the controlled demolition of Building 7 too. Mr. 9/11 Truth Alex Jones simply nodded along with all of Trump’s baloney, telling him “90 percent of my listeners support you.”

Infowars had been pegged as a Zionist operation years ago and Jones has since embraced the accusation by transforming his network from a bastion of 9/11 half-truths and Zionist-shielding disinformation to a sleazy pro-Israeli, anti-Muslim cuckservative sock puppet.

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