Israel Bombs Targets in Syria with Russia’s Tacit Cooperation


John J. Xenakis / Breitbart 

In a television interview on November 10, Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was asked whether Israel would intervene in Syria. His reply:

I’m not sure how to intervene, but I’m sure of this: First, if Syria fires on us, we fire back. Second, if Hezbollah establishes a position on Golan Heights, we’ll take action against that, as we have. Third, if Hezbollah wants to transfer weapons through Syria, we’ll take action, as we have. Fourth, if we don’t see it but it went through, we’ll take action on Syria on weapons that we do see to degrade weapons caches that could be transferred later.

In particular, Netanyahu has repeated his threat to use airstrikes to take out any Syrian regime convoys traveling from Syria to Lebanon that are suspected of carrying sophisticated weapons to Hezbollah.

A lot has happened in the four weeks since Netanyahu made that statement. Turkey’s warplanes shot down a Russian Su-24 bomber on November 24, and Russia has responded savagely against Turkey, with massive sanctions and by bombing every possible Turkish target in Syria, especially Turkmen enclaves. In addition, Russia is implementing a massive military buildup in Syria, with a sophisticated S-400 air defense missile system that can “see” any Turkish, American or Israeli planes, and destroy them if desired. ( “29-Nov-15 World View — Russia’s military buildup a game-changer in Syria”)

However, Israel has continued to conduct numerous airstrikes on Syrian regime targets within Syria.

  • According to sources in the Syrian opposition, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) on November 21 attacked positions and personnel belonging to the Syrian regime and Hezbollah in the area of Qualamoun, on the Syria-Lebanon border. (Israel itself never acknowledges air strikes in Syria.)
  • Similarly, the IAF attacked Syrian army and Hezbollah targets on November 24 in the same location, killing 13 Syrian troops and Hezbollah fighters.
  • According to foreign news reports, the IAF on Friday, December 4, carried out several raids north of Damascus in Syria. The airstrikes were said to have targeted a four-truck Syrian army convoy, loaded with ballistic missiles, after they left a Syrian army base. The IAF also hit a gas supply, sparking massive explosions.

These Israeli airstrikes in Syria have received no known objections from Russia, even though they are striking at Russia’s ally, the regime of Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad, as well as al-Assad’s ally, Hezbollah.

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