Protestor Tells Trump ‘Israel Did 9/11,’ Calls Him a Zionist

Martin Hill / Liberty Fight

I spoke to Donald Trump a few weeks ago at a South Carolina rally about the undue influence of the Israeli lobby, but my camera screwed up & didn’t record the best part. That REALLY pissed me off, (you can’t imagine how much), and I was determined to do it right.This time, I wasn’t going to let that happen again. [See Trump Confronted On Dancing JEWISH ISRAELIS, NOT Muslims 12/12/15 Trump’s Secret Service Agent Says “Let’s Not Get Everyone Riled Up Okay?” in South Carolina..]

Believe it or not, on Monday December 21 I actually scored yet another front row spot to see Trump. It was even better than South Carolina! I was standing only five feet away, right in front of him.

The locale was the DeltaPlex Arena & Conference Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The basketball gymnasium was filled to capacity with about 9,000 people. The bleachers were filled to the rafters and the floor itself had standing room only. I was in the very front. I had arrived to the stadium at 10am, before anyone else. The doors opened at 5pm and Trump’s event started at 730PM. I was interviewed by Israeli TV Channel 10 and UK Channel 4 while waiting in line. I of course gave them no clue about what i was going to do later.


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