Angry Swedes Take Matters Into Their Own Hands Against Migrant Criminals


What is being described by media as a “gang” of 100 masked Swedes took matters into their own hands, confronting migrant thugs in Stockholm.

The backlash was prompted by a wave of crime committed by incoming North African migrants who roam around the cities assaulting and harassing native Swedes. The recent murder of a 22-year-old Swedish social worker, Alexandra Mezher, near a migrant centre by a troubled Somali immigrant boy also seems to have sparked the indigenous resistance operation against adolescent migrant delinquents.

Sweden is a nation of 9.5 million people, yet took in 160,000 ethnic foreigners last year, an astonishingly large tidal wave of human fodder.

The only purpose of such a suicidal policy is to expedite the European Union’s human genetic modification project of displacing and replacing native White Europeans with a globalized mass of acculturated unthinking plebs, commercial units for the globalist shopping mall.

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