Germany Must Halt All Immigration and Asylum Seekers Now


Non-Aligned Media / Brandon Martinez / Jan. 18, 2016

The German nation has paid dearly for losing the Second World War. During that horrendous bloodbath, which Hitler was partially but not totally responsible for igniting, Germany’s most beautiful and inspiring cities were gutted by Allied carpet bombing, and millions of its citizens were killed in a fiery holocaust of Allied firebombing-induced infernos. To top it off, millions of German women were gang-raped and brutalized by Red Army troops at the war’s end, exhorted into a spastic rape-frenzy by the hysterical war cries of Soviet-Jewish propagandist Ilya Ehrenburg; the ultimate humiliation.

Then the vengeful Allies, not satisfied with a military victory alone, embarked on a crusade of “de-Nazification” throughout the country, which entailed a sustained campaign of guilt-generating exercises. One such exercise was the hauling of German civilians into the captured Nazi concentration camps where US military psychological warfare teams set up phony displays of lampshades, soap, ash trays, hand bags and other items ostensibly made out of the human remains (skin, bone, fat, etc.) of alleged Jewish concentration camp victims. Of course, the panoply of human chattel on display in the camps – Buchenwald is where one major psyop took place – were fabricated whole-cloth by the Americans to demonize the Nazi authorities as psychotic madmen, and thereby turn the German population against their former rulers.

Dresden, Germany in ruins after Allied firebombing in WW2. Some 150-300 thousand German civilians perished in the onslaught.
Dresden, Germany in ruins after Allied firebombing in WW2. Some 150-300 thousand German civilians perished in the onslaught.

Post-WWII West Germany came under the direct control of the United States, whereas East Germany fell to the communists. So on both sides of the Berlin Wall generations of Germans have been whipped up into a Nazi/Fascist-baiting delirium, taught in their history classes that Germany, under Hitler’s reign, was the sole antagonist behind the outbreak of the Second World War and was the chief architect of most of the war’s atrocities. This is, of course, provably false on both counts.

But this legacy of Allied-Communist-Jewish “de-Nazification” brainwashing has left an indelible mark on German society. Not only is Germany today still literally doling out millions of Reichsmarks in “reparations” money for what the Nazi regime is said to have done to Jews 70 years ago, but ordinary Germans who dare raise doubts or voice skepticism about any aspect of those questionable events, known as “the Holocaust,” are thrown in jail and fined for ‘thought crimes.’ This Allied-Communist-Jewish tyranny imposed on East and West Germans after WWII has produced the present-day timidity and self-hating psychosis that burdens the once-proud nation.

Guilt is an interesting concept. In normal societies, it is only the people who commit the crimes that should feel guilt or remorse for their actions; the whole population does not usually feel responsible for the misdeeds of other citizens. Likewise, the guilt of a wrongdoer is usually not transferred onto that person’s extended family, children, etc. But in the case of WWII a whole nation and people is made to suffer collective shame for what some in their government and military perpetrated as part of a brutal war in which all sides committed abuses and excesses. If Germans should feel guilty and perennially apologize for the excesses of Hitler and National Socialism, then certainly Russians, Americans, British, French and Jews should feel equally guilty for the heinous actions of their leaders during the same war. But that is not the case; the war guilt rests solely on the shoulders of the defeated and vanquished powers, whereas the victorious countries celebrate their war-time political leaders and veterans as ‘war heroes’ and ‘great champions of freedom.’ A sickening double standard.

So today, these artificially inculcated feelings of shame and guilt are being milked by forces keen to see German culture and identity destroyed as part of a revenge fantasy. For example, Gregor Gysi, a left-wing German-Jewish politician, made a public plea calling for the German people to embrace unlimited swarms of refugees and asylum seekers from the Middle East and Africa. In his video taped remarks, Gysi went on to essentially celebrate and hail the prospect of German extinction. “Every year more native Germans die than are born,” Gysi said, lauding the phenomenon as “very fortunate.” In an attempt to trigger guilt-feelings Gysi invoked the 1933-1945 Nazi period in German history, lecturing Germans that “because of this history” they are morally obliged to welcome with open arms their demographic displacement through the acceptance of unrestricted numbers of Middle Eastern refugees fleeing war zones. What madness. Interestingly, Gysi, a Jewish supporter of Israel, is not demanding that the Jewish State take in any Syrian refugees, despite Tel Aviv’s central role in orchestrating the Syrian conflict to depose their long-time adversary Bashar al-Assad. I wonder why that is?

Considering Germany and other European countries being inundated with migrants (Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Hungary, Serbia, etc.) played virtually no part in causing the chaos and devastation currently afflicting Syria and the Middle East in general, Europeans are not obliged to pay a moral debt for the actions of the United States, Britain, Israel or even NATO, which do things without the consent of the European masses. Why should the European commoner pay the price for the policies of the CIA, NATO and Mossad? The political and military-intelligence elites behind those evil organizations and governments should literally pay out of their own pockets to rebuild the Middle Eastern countries they destroyed through war and terror, not average citizens of the West who had no hand in it.

Last year German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a self-hating German, activated a plan to resettle up to 1.5 million Syrian refugees and asylum seekers within Germany’s borders; a ludicrous policy that will, demographically speaking, fundamentally change the German nation and lead to its ethnic and cultural dissolution in a few decades if birth, death and immigration trends continue on the present destructive path. Many are puzzled as to why Merkel is doing this, but her close connections to powerful Zionist organizations like the World Jewish Congress and the Central Council of Jews in Germany – organizations that have fervently championed the migrant influx – explains much.

Unfortunately though, much of the push back against this illogical and self-destructive embrace of untold numbers of migrants by multiple European countries is quickly being hijacked and steered by Jewish-Zionist forces. These subversive Zionists are looking to harness the discontent with the cascading streams of foreigners into Germany and mainland Europe at large by redirecting the anger exclusively towards the religion of Islam. This Ziocon initiative has been somewhat effective with the rise of kosher-nationalist outfits like PEGIDA, the so-called “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West.” While such groups are within their rights to oppose increasing Islamization of once Christian and Pagan societies, they are (either deliberately or out of ignorance) not diagnosing the problem properly, nor are they effectively identifying the true culprits behind it.

The PEGIDA ilk is falling right into the Zionist trap of focusing solely on the cultural differences of Arabs and Muslims as opposed to exposing the Zionist Jews and their Masonic lackeys who have masterminded both the destabilization of the Middle East (via US-led wars and proxy wars in the service of Israel and international finance) and the European Union-backed mass immigration invasion of Europe which began many decades ago. It is no wonder that PEGIDA has linked up with Zionist agents like Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the openly-Ziocon, Jewish-controlled English Defense League (EDL).

Tommy Robinson, Pamela Gellar and Robert Spencer at Ziocon EDL event. Epitome of the kosher right-wing in Europe.
Tommy Robinson, Pamela Gellar and Robert Spencer at Ziocon EDL event. Epitome of the kosher right-wing in Europe.

These kosher-nationalist groups and their Ziocon handlers ensure all discussions about mass immigration are misdirected into Cultural Marxist-style outbursts against the alleged misogyny of Islam and Arab/Islamic cultures. To add to the obfuscation, the faux-nationalist Ziocon pied pipers pathetically misdiagnose the origins and function of ISIS and the various “terrorist” attacks in the West, all of which has been manufactured by Western and Zionist intelligence agencies for the purposes of advancing the final phase of the Oded Yinon plan of balkanizing Israel’s remaining Middle Eastern foes (Iran, Syria and Hezbollah).

This sordid state of affairs suits the Zionists very well. Tensions between patriotic White Europeans and Arab/Muslim migrants continues to grow, metastasizing with false-flag ISIS terror and events like the recent sexual assaults in Cologne – an occurrence bound to happen when you allow drunk and horny young men to party in a public place. Meanwhile, the elite Zionist string-pullers behind both the anti-Arab/Muslim Yinon Plan and the anti-White Kalergi Plan are comfortably ensconced in their pent-house suites enjoying the show from afar, as their enemies mutually destroy each other.

Hopefully reasoned heads will prevail to cut through the fog of disinformation and half-baked analysis being peddled by co-opted elements of both the political right and left.

Copyright 2016 Brandon Martinez

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