Growing nonwhite crime wave in Britain’s second largest city

Editor’s Note: What is shocking about this story is the statistics given about how major cities in England will be majority nonwhite by the year 2020. This New Observer website is good for documenting the rapid decline of White demographics across the West, as well as the negative impact of mass immigration and multi-ethnicism, but it ultimately fails to cover or properly analyze the foreign policy crimes committed by Western governments, and tends to blame all the problems of the Third World on the populations of the Third World as opposed to the very real destruction of those societies by Western-Zionist globalists. They also fail to ever report on crimes committed by Whites, so it is somewhat selective in its output.

The New Observer

This week’s jailing of eighteen black gang members in Birmingham, United Kingdom, has highlighted the ethnic cleansing of white people and the growing nonwhite crime wave in Britain’s second largest city.


The black gangsters, known as the “Burger Bar Boys” after a fast food outlet in central Birmingham, were jailed after police managed to smash a gun-dealing ring which saw the gang acquire, refurbish, and sell firearms to other black gangs across the country.

According to a report in the Birmingham Mail, “Gangsters Darren Mentore, Clinton Officer, and Jamal Shaka Smith were part of a network working for gang ‘Godfather’ Nosakhere Stephenson, who was jailed for 16 ½ years in November.

“A lengthy police surveillance vigil helped detectives intercept various illicit gun trade deals and recover eight firearms, including a MAC-10 machine gun and pump-action shotgun found buried in a garden in Aston, as well as thousands of rounds of ammunition.”

Earlier this month, Birmingham Assistant Chief Constable Carl Foulkes said that the violent and murderous crime wave sweeping that city was directly due to “disputes between gang members.”

“We have had inter-gang disputes, in-gang disputes and criminal elements using firearms in disputes over drug territory. As well as the enforcement work and the work we are doing to protect the public, we are also working with communities and going into schools to try to steer young people away from gangs and the carrying of firearms.”

Although Foulkes did not dare mention it, the Birmingham schools his force is trying to reach are now more than 70 percent nonwhite. In 2013 it was reported by the Birmingham Community Safety Partnership that white pupils accounted for 31.4 percent of the school-aged population of the city, and that pupils “came from a total of 87 distinct ethnic groups and spoke a reported 108 different languages at home.”


In 2011 the Birmingham City Council reported that the white British population in the city had fallen from 65.6 percent in 2001, to just 53.1 percent in 2011.

This decline has continued since then, and it is now highly likely that nonwhites form the majority population in the city, echoing the demographics in London where whites are also now a minority. Britain’s third largest city, Manchester, is quickly following the same path.


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