London now a nonwhite city where ‘even the tramps are immigrants’

Non-Aligned Media / Brandon Martinez / Jan. 31, 2016

A new book has revealed that London is now a majority non-white city where “fewer than half the capital’s population are white British, gangsters from Somalia terrorise the suburbs and even the tramps are immigrants.”

Is this England… or Pakistan?

Writing in the Daily Mail, Harriet Sargeant details London’s rising immigrant underworld, a dystopian haven of drugs, crime, gangsterism and Third World poverty.

“Since 2001, immigration has transformed the capital. More than half of Londoners are now not ethnically British,” writes Sargeant, citing Ben Judah’s new book This Is London: Life And Death In The World City.

The metropolis has been transformed by massive Third World immigration spearheaded by various Labour governments, and is now barely recognizable as an English city. Replacing White Britons are a panoply of Romanian prostitutes, Somali gangsters and Roma beggars.

Native Brits “have lost control of our borders and have no say who comes here,” explains Sargeant, noting that “criminal trafficking gangs who make a fortune smuggling people into Britain” have more leverage over the country’s immigration policies than even the politicians or citizens.

The immigrants themselves are being duped, notes Sargeant and Judah, because “multiculturalism for many migrants is a euphemism for slave labour.” Sargeant explains how human traffickers recite a sales-pitch to would-be migrants, telling them that Europe is a “‘second paradise’ where ‘every man is rich’. On offer is free NHS treatment, free housing, free schooling and countless welfare benefits. It is a place of opportunity, security and, above all, available women.”

But the migrants have to ultimately pay off the debt accrued for the journey to Europe, which drives them into low-paying menial jobs with “appalling working conditions,” writes Sargeant. The debt acts as an enormous anchor holding down immigrants from ever advancing up the pay ladder to high-skilled jobs. Thus the phenomenon of overwhelmingly Pakistani, Indian, Latino and South East Asian cab drivers, fast food workers, cleaners, garbage disposal workers and security guards in many major Western cities. Oftentimes these people would be better off in their countries of origin.

Not only is mass immigration to the West incentivized on a rudimentary level by the traffickers themselves, but it also emanates from the traitorous bigwigs in Brussels, the overseers of the EU parliament who have orchestrated the current immigration crisis from the very top, as per the Kalergi plan.

Sargeant credits “left-wingers and the business establishment” for welcoming mass immigration in accordance with the globalist creed of open-borders. But as expected both Sargeant and Judah fail to identify the predominant Jewish-Zionist role in foisting such  destructive policies onto Europe; a long-standing strategy – first conceived by the Cultural Marxist braintrust of the Frankfurt School – to subvert and undermine traditional cultures and peoples (in Europe and elsewhere), replacing them with zombified dregs with no roots and no attachments – ripe fodder for the corporate-globalist slave plantation.

Now with the engineered migrant crisis in full-swing, the “New London” will be replicated across the continent, starting with the once-beautiful and majestic big cities of Germany, then moving on to those of France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Switzerland and so on.

Western civilization is dying. Perhaps it is already dead.

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