Refugee Crisis Has Europe on the Brink, Establishment Admits


Alex Newman / The New American

After first supporting the destruction of multiple nations that sparked the refugee crisis, and then supporting the unprecedented tsunami of Islamic immigration into Europe, establishment voices in government, media, and finance are all acknowledging the obvious: Europe has been pushed to the brink of collapse. Lawlessness is spreading, budgets are breaking, crime is soaring, fear and hatred are being fueled, and it is getting worse quickly.

From the New York Times and billionaire globalist George Soros to government officials from across the bloc, the very same forces that helped spawn the mushrooming chaos are now starting to talk publicly about how serious it is. Words like “collapse,” “the brink,” and “implosion” are now part of the everyday lexicon as the escalating crisis sweeps through the continent like a wildfire. And as of now, there is little being done to even tap the brakes in a serious manner.

Even without statements from establishment sources, the magnitude of the crisis is becoming increasingly clear. Across wide swaths of the continent, the chaos surrounding the refugee situation is quickly spiraling out of control — and becoming impossible to conceal. Consider, for example, the mass sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve across Germany and beyond. At just one train station, located in Cologne, authorities estimate that some 1,000 male refugees were involved in sexually assaulting women in one night. Other cities across Europe witnessed similar horrors. Even German children are taking to YouTube to impore their parents to wake up and protect them.

In France, meanwhile, the implosion of law and order in and around Calais has been making headlines as roaming bands of migrants and alleged refugees wreak havoc. The overrunning of Stockholm’s central station by gangs of North African youths robbing, groping, and assaulting citizens and security officials alike recently made headlines, too, as police claim they are powerless to stop it. Similar lawlessness and chaos is spreading to other areas of the continent. And now, the establishment is talking about it.


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