Stefan Molyneux: Terrorism skeptics are ‘disgusting human beings, scumbags’

Self-styled ‘most popular philosopher’ in the world Stefan Molyneux recently put out a video about the San Bernardino shooting, wherein he condemned terrorism skeptics, what he calls “false flaggers,” as “disgusting human beings” and “scumbags” who should just “shut up.” Very interesting isn’t it that a so-called “anarchist” is blindly backing state narratives about terror.

Those following Molyneux’s noxious output will have noticed that the bald philosopher has ramped up the Muslim-bashing as of late, timed perfectly to coincide with the latest Western push to divide and conquer the Muslim world for the benefit of Israel. Nowhere does he talk about the covert US-Saudi-Israeli origins of ISIS, nor does he bother to mention the murderous impact of US foreign policy when discussing the inevitable blowback it produces (at least not lately). Of course he denies all false flags. The newly-converted Ziocon Molyneux says Islamic terrorism is all real, organic and motivated by religion, not revenge for the deaths of four million of their co-religionists and co-nationals by invading Western regimes.

Here is Molyneux and Alex Jones talking about how eviiiiil the Muslims are:

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