Unhinged homeless man attempts ridiculous Charlie Hebdo anniversary attack?

We are being told that a mentally unstable homeless man attempted to attack police station with a knife on the anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo false flag. Before he did so he made sure to print out an ISIS flag on a piece of paper and put it in his pocket for authorities to find. He was allegedly wearing a fake explosive vest.

How easy would it be for authorities to fake this kind of attack? A mentally unstable homeless man, in other words a very unintelligent and easily manipulated dupe, could have just been shot dead randomly and framed. Or he could have been intoxicated, acting recklessly, and then police just shot him for some other reason, then planted the ISIS print-out in his pocket to make an “event” out of the whole thing to coincide with the Charlie Hebdo anniversary.

Remember last month when a French teacher faked an ISIS knife attack on himself? We’re starting to see this phenomenon more and more, and this latest spectacle could involve any number of possibilities.

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